uswest non ladder people


uswest non ladder people

who heres plays on uswest non ladder im tierd of the b.netters being so inmature

My Acct is Manugayman


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You can add me *UkD-Splat
Pretty much anyone with the UkD tag is trustworthy, though watch out for Spud and Violetgirl since they have been kicked out of the clan


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Your invited!

please feel free to visit, and meet some new friends. :wink3:
The Horde is a us-west based clan / community with members, guests, and friends meeting up in channel: op thehorde
drop in sometime and see for yourself.
we have several guilds going in different directions and one that may be what your looking for.
sc/hc/scl/hcl/magic finders/duelers/diplomats/and our wow guild.

just say howdy, :wave:
you can give our channel bot a command/ .10 and he will let you know whos online to hook up with. all hordeies are friendly and helpful.
good luck



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You can add me as well my account name is Rynefire.

Heh I'm also tired of immature kids on b-net.