UsWest NL: Hunting Season!


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UsWest NL: Hunting Season!

Ok everyone, Let me share a short story.

Ever since I started getting more active on Bnet, i've used this website for reference. Now since i've started to use forums, i've been leading myself to this one. Every thread I manage to read, all seem to be very interesting. Note: I said the threads I manage to read...

Anyways, i've also almost felt a burning sensation...and a calling from the wild.. Yes, i've become absolutely infatuated with the Druid class! And, partially racist against the paladin... or at least the smiter and hammerdin for the most part.

Anyways, I FINALLY scrounged up my rage, and became a shifter! This means I made a woflie!! rawr

He's a fury druid.

Well, what I am getting at here folks... is anyone that is on USWEST NL...and has a druid... we should get a full 8 player game going, and Run from act 1 hell, to act 5 baal...

Full druid force. This may be boring to some of you that only like to PK, but anyone who still likes to PVM... this would be really fun! Also, I would say pretty good experience too!

If this is spam, well i'm sorry, I was just thinking it would be neat to get a pack of raging Wolves (some bears are welcome :wave: ) to rid the world of the hordes of Hell!!!

If you'd like to do this just give me a whisper at *iganc

Also, i've been hearing of "The Druid Grove" what is that? Is it a channel? I'd like to get to know some of you here, since i'm fairly new. And most of my friends have quit playing.

Anyways, get back to me if anyone is interested!

*cheers* :flip: :jig:


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lod druid grove useast-1
lod druid grove uswest-1

those are the "druid grove" channels. (i cant think of the names for europe/asian)


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The groves are easy to find everywhere. Just click on the channel tab. And scroll down to where you see druid grove. I have a wolf in hell nl. And would join up. *bri76