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wasup guys, I just recently started playing again, I used to play guild wars but I got bored, just started playing again a couple days ago. I used to be really well known back in the day when I played in .09 and 1.10 non ladder and ladder. my main account was Dark_Gods I just remade it and also I think GodsandHeroes but I'm not to sure, I havent been on for 3 years. I gave all my stuff to two of my buddies was just around 700+runes + crap load of godly items, full characters. I had pretty much all classes except a necro and pally.

2 Godly Sorc(decent compared to my other characters but was ladder)
1 Fire and 1 Light, had a cold sorc but I deleted her one night by accident had like 100+ runes invested but I didn't care to much.

Assassin(my favorite and probably 1-2 of best at the time) Eth Claws,Chaos, Godly Casque, 43+ life charms

Barb during .09 was one of tops in BvB ( was my main character)

Javazon(godly items) 8 43+life jav charms, godly daidem, etc.

I wish I still remembered my friends names, just that I got a new pc and my info I never really retreaved it.

But I started an assassin, but I think she's going to be more of a project, i'll probably start a hammerdin mainly to just building up my wealth and **** you know, then start on my assassin.

I live in california, looking for more people to play with, hopefully I can get back to where I was but highly doubt it, not many people ever reach to where I was unless they have sufficient outside help if you know what I mean.

Hit me up or give me your info, laid back, competative, etc... I think my old barbarian name was like
Dark_Achillus. But you can hit me up at Dark_Gods or my assassins name is The_Ghost.