Using B-net comands ??


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Using B-net comands ??

Trying to figure/ learn about the B-net aspect of the game, ie, talking to other ppl that are not in your game. making friends that i will get alerted when they log onto B-net and such.

if there is a guide for thise, pls post the link or tell me where to find it.

1) talking to a player not in your game while you are in a game.
2) setting up a 'buddy list' so you don't have to remember every ones account name, or try talking to every one w/o knowing if he/she is online.
3)any thing else that i might not even know about and am too ignorant to even know to ask.



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Hey, in the Bnet channels, click on the "help" button. It tells you about pretty much every single Bnet command.


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Use the help button ingame for "guide"

/w *accountname message <- whisper to account
/w charname message <- message to character
/f a accountname <- add account to friends list
/f r accountname <- remove account from friends list
/f l <- lists your friends and shows if they are online

Those are the most commonly used.


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Don't forget the
/dnd toilet break
which is the do not desturb.
The above will result in anybody messaging you receiving the message :
Toilet Break
completely automagically.

People try to scam others by telling them they can see some special kill stats by typing /dnd followed by their password.
This will offcourse reveal their password to these other people, who can then log in and pillage their account. So avoid the dnd if you can. :)


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its pretty basic, f=friend, l=list, w=whisper, a=add, r=remove (i believe you can also type /f del <acc. name>?)

It's pretty straightforward for humans:)


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Also, I strongly emphasize..... NEVER type your password except for when you're logging in.


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So how does the "/away" work? I saw that was a command too and I've used it but never really know what other people see.

I guess I just assumed "/away" is like putting up an away message but still seeing what others are sending you while "/dnd" is like an away message but their whispers go into a black hole somewhere. Did I guess right?


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When I leave or do something, I always use /away, rather than /dnd

Lets say you're watching TV. You'd then write:

/away Watching TV

When someone messages you, they'll see:

Jackson is away (Watching TV).