USEast SCL players


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Looking for some people to game with. Just started back after many many years away. Forgot how difficult it is to do some things solo. Xfer items, acquiring better equipment. Granted I know this game isn't near as popular as it was 10 years ago, but I see there's still thousands playing. So feel free to add me if you're also looking for buddies. Cross_TeK I usually play a few hours at night. Currently have a sorc and zon lvl 20s. Working on building the sorc to MF, rune farm, etc. Thanks.


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I have a few characters on US East and many more on US West. The characters I have on US East Realm are on non-ladder. I believe the ladder is going to reset again soon from what I read somewhere, so if you want to start some new ladder characters let me know. I'll add your account name to my friends list.