Useast Ladder making a Frenzy barb


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Useast Ladder making a Frenzy barb

Well I've decided my ww barb isn't very fun and Ww glitches too much so its time for a frenzy barb. I have no idea how to build it or what items I need to use. From looking at the skills it seems I need 20- taunt :lol: 20-axe mastery 20-frenzy 20-double swing 20-bo rest in shout/prereq/passive. If this isi wrong please tell me.

Currently my barb is using.. Please tell me what items I need to swap to adjust for the frenzyness.

197/6 Arreats
odd rare ammy though 80 metalgrid at level 81 (Do I need highlords?)
Botdcb ( low % and slow so what weapons do I need?) I have about 4hr and 8ums 1 ist to spend Will I be able to afford good weapons with this?
Gore riders 198% not upped yet
8/15 string
Crappy rends

any help is appreciated *pepperisadog2 on useast ladder


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[exile] said:
Thanks, however I have a few questions though. Which is better for frenzy barb fortitude or Chains of honor? Also I saw this one barb with an axe that gave a might aura, which runeword is this? I am planning on 1 ebotdz and one of those might aura runeswords. Add this with fortitude and an ed arreats and I should be doing plenty of damage right?

Another question is Metalgrid vs Highlords does it come down to resists? If I have low resists then metalgrid otherwise highlords?

Can I afford my ideal weapons (decent-pretty good % weapons)with 5 hr?

The importance of shout. Is maxing dmg for frenzy better than more defense or vise versa?

Freezing Rain

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I've never heard of an axe that gave might, perhaps it was an act2 offensive Might merc?
I would use the angelics combo with a raven frost.
Maybe on the 5hrs.


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The Might aura rune word is Last Wish. It's usually worth about 4HRs in lower forms, but I'm not completely sure.

You'll need Shout. Try this:
20 Frenzy
20 Mastery
20 Shout
20 BO
1 Nat Res
rest in either Double Swing (damage) or Iron Skin (defense).


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Thanks a lot guys. Is there anyway I can get enough ar from charms or elsewhere so that I can free up my ring/ammy for better stuff than angelic?


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If you are solely pvm then angelics arent really required (although they are nice), use raven frosts with either metalgrid or highlords


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pepperisadog said:
Thanks a lot guys. Is there anyway I can get enough ar from charms or elsewhere so that I can free up my ring/ammy for better stuff than angelic?
I use one raven with a nice rare or wisp and I have no problem hitting and killing anything including uber D for PvM. I would not worry about the extra AR and go for a different mod in your other ring unless you are doing PvP. I like AR charms with other nice mods.

Ash Housewares

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shout just doesn't do it for me, at best shout will reduce your chance of being hit while not running, when is a frenzy barb not running? and what does chance to hit matter when you have everyone stunned with warcry and unable to attack?

read the guide, I'd more recommend a 10/10 split between taunt and DS than burning 20 into DS or yuck.... iron skin??


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Ok i dont care what the hell people say this was my final choice and it does work damn well.

20 frenzy

20 double swing

10 taunt

20 bo

1 berserk

1 natural resist

1 increased speed

20 axe mastery

then 9 more into berserk or shout, personal pref, i went berserk. i suggest maxing this last, thus you can finish whenever, for example level 90 if you dont care for 9 more skill points, my build is based on lvl 99 though.

stats i went 100 str 50 dex and rest vit, base energy

equip, i use 2 ebotdz's just cuz i cant stand repair costs and frenziers are pvm.

2 hotos for precasts just because i can, i dunno how though, lol

2 p bk wedding bands

highlords once i hit 90 (im 86) till then im using gale shell


200 gores

15/8 drac's

e gbane, 30 fcr and cannot be frozen

and 40/15 arreats

im not gonan go into strategy, read ashe's guide if you want it


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Ok, My main issue right now is Weapons I plan on having one ebotdz and I have no idea what to have for the other, What would be the best option? I'd like to have multiple opinions with support please.

Helm-197/6 arreats (Should I up and what do I need to up them?+add ed jewel)
Ammy-Metalgrid(Highlords if i have enough resists)
weapons-1 ebotdz, 1 ?
rings-ravensfrost for now, angelic combo if I need more ar (try to attain bk rings end game)
boots-198% gore riders(should I up and what do i need to up them?)
Gloves-low rends (attain higher rends if neccessary)
belt 15/8 string


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dont use rends, they just arent worth it, and for pvm use dracs or souldrainer. as far as the belt, you can use string but i and many well most other melee players prefer verdungos. if you are on ladder which i do assume cause you were disputing whether or not to up gores n arreats. try a grief or doom. there is also always beast. but when it comes down to it, your pvm or so id assume cause you are making a frenzier (though frenzy barb duels are quite fun) your gonna hate having to repair. and i use two 400% ebotdz's but ive been around for awhile so i got some wealth. if your none ladder us east i gotta free verdungo and can mf another draculs if you need it.


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So most peoples preference is dungo's over string, and draculs over rends for frenzy barb? I am playing ladder, and I have both but they are not high %'s.

I think i have 38/13 dungos and 9% draculs would these work?


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well really for any mellee'er (lol sp?) dungos is great cuz of the 40 to vital and the dr, then dracs as life leach and w/e the skill is, cant member. but when attacking at fast speeds which you will be, you will trigger it alot, and it will greatly help your life recovery.


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Ash Housewares said:
draculs over rends, not even close
how, please do explain, over all my experiences, dracs come out on top. i cant stand rends. when you go pvp they suck (though that doesnt apply in this case i will assume) and for pvm i just dont find it worth it, i mean sure, more damage, but also less life recovery


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Ok now the question is my 7ml 6ll souldrainer or 9% ll dracs? What do I do against physical immunes? My switch is taken up with warcry weapons.


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Ash Housewares said:
that's what I said, over, on top, greater than, whatever
oh, lol im sorry, i took your original post as sarcasm, w/e. my apologies.

pepperisadog - these are the reasons that i put at least 1 point to bererk


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I dont mean to steal the post here but i also have a couple questions. I was thinking about making a frenzy barb using:

Arreats, Dungos, Dracs (i dont have either so if you still have them zanifer they would help *fightinirishman US East NL), Gores, Dual Ravens, and i was thinking Atmas ammy for the % CTC Amp Damage(if thats bad, let me know), My armor is still a mystery, but for my weapons i was thinking dual Razors Edges, since i cant afford anything else (still pretty new), but i have a question about them.

Would the % DS and % OW and -xx% to target def. stack if i was using two of them? Also what kind of end game usefulness would this have? Has anyone tried?

Thanks for any help an sorry if the post seems rushed, its kinda late.