US West play group (plz read west guys)


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kool. I'm thinking of a shock aura paly lolz :)

so far its 4pm aust east coast time, channel will be d2netWest


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Ok so heres the team and how its looking so far :)

Spade-Man: Frozen orb sorcy
kinofdiablo: poison/bone nec or the MA assasin
xxsteelxx: Traps Assasin
Seraph: Cleric Paly ( i'm lookign forward to seeing this one)
necrot (me): Tesladin

well,we still have three spaces up for grabs. if no one else here can confirm or whatever i can get at leats 1 more person to come play.I will be posting a reminder thread with time and details tomorrow nite. Probably a couple of chars that would help would be a barb,druid,fire sorc,or even a bowazon. I think we are missing alot of phys damage and currently have no fire damage.

Cheers all


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Well if this is hc/west/ladder then i'm in
my account name is *vargos

I prefer a trapassassin but if thats already taken then i think a meteor sorc, wind druid, or bone necro would be cool with me

This sounds cool. Looking forward to it


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well i have a skellimancer started but i could also make a pure fire sorc instead. my acct is myfinalfall so whisper anytime.


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Well cool! I'll be waiting for the news. Necro_9: I'll pm you my email for easier contact. My a/c in USW ladder is Beat.of.Angel

One Good 'ole Cleric coming right up :clap:

Ps. I'm a little worried about not having BO or Oak (or both :drool: ) but it's no problems. I've lived in hc w/o it. Wootage! Looking forward to meeting ya all~ :flip: