[US West, Ladder]Hell Acts 1-2


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[US West, Ladder]Hell Acts 1-2

Hey guys, I just started playing again after a few years and I'm flat out broke. If anyone could help me out with Hell acts 1 and 2, then kill the council and give me the Durance wp, I would really appreciate it. I really have nothing I can offer though, but feel free to take any drops by Andy or Duriel.

/w *Jy317 if you can help me out. Thanks.


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nice drink.

well, gin-n'tonic...great drink.:thumbsup:

well, you are invited to mosey over to our channel: op thehorde
check er out.
i am sure you will find a few people kindly enough to help ya out. hell, you might get hook'd and start gaming with us .

come on by.

us-west d2-lod based clan/community
a large scl following..and hcl too!!! :laugh:

good luck