[US SC L] Help Diablo walks!


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[US SC L] Help Diablo walks!

Hey guys,

I've been a long time user of this forum (since around 2004) and just recently got back into Diablo (3 weeks ago). I've never botted or MH'd, which is why I love these forums too.

Been kind of putting of making this account, but since Diablo walks the earth and I need help!

Currently my lvl 78 hammerdin cannot handle him..help would be appreciated.

Acc: *xxplosive

Also..it would be nice if I could keep the anni, since it would be something of value that I have :)

EDIT2: I can offer to pay MAL for some help!
EDIT3: Re-stated and smited Diablo with a spirit sword :) Got my anni.
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