US East Ladder Clan!!


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US East Ladder Clan!!

Uhh, i'm a bit new to these forums, but me and 2 friends just started clan called Good, we just all put that at the end of our names. The point of this thread is to try and find some new recruits! We need nice, courteous players, if you run around and call people noobz we don't want you, only a true noob calls someone a noob.. Good things about joining good, is you will make some good friends, have some fun doing REAL duels, and its always nice to be able to say your in a clan! We do require tryout because we are a bit competitive, you dont have to give us items, and dont expect any to be given to you, it should be an honor to join us! If you wanna join clan good whisper me:
or Shane:

If you message Tim or Shane tell them its because you want a tryout! We aren't looking for more than 10 members, small compact, organized!


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Tryout, Plain and Simply means, you duel either me Tim or Shane, since my newest character isnt finished, it would probally be Tim or Shane, message Tim at Todin, or Shane at smg99_9mm, tell them you want a tryout, im curious to know what kind of character you have as of now..


right now i got a 92 hammerdin/82 blizz sorc/70 java.

but im makin a wwsin for duels. just waiting on the right claws and she'll be made.

so ya i guess i wont be joining anytime soon. ill let u kno tho.


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whats up

Sorry im new to this forum, so excuse me if i do anything wrong.

I have a:
92 pally
90 blizz sorc
90 smiter
87 strafer
80 frenzy barb

I've been looking for a clan, and this looks like the exact one i want to join, small with nice people. There is only one problem with me, but give me a reply first.