upped Bucher's pupil?


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upped Bucher's pupil?

hey all, i'm looking for a little advice on a choice of weapon for my zealot. at the moment he's using Nord's Tenderiser, which is working out fine. however, recently i've found the exceptional unique cleaver, Butcher's pupil. the damage is less than Nord's, but the chance of deadly strike (35%) and open wounds (25%), is enough to make me think about spending the runes on upping it to elite. basically, i have two questions:

1) does anyone know what sort of damage it would end up with upped?

2) do you think it's worth spending the runes on? i'm have the runes, but i'm not exactly rich, so a pul and a lum is a considerable amount to spend.

i normally use my zealot to run the countess, act 5 and cows, looking for runes, charms, jewels, and other things that aren't really affected by MF too much, since he has none.

Thanks for your advice


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On my budget zealot i use a phase blade lawbringer and i can destroy everything in hell in a matter of seconds. It's far better than a upped pupil and costs less..

And..wear CB items (Guillaume, Goreriders)

My setup, if u are interested, is:

Lawbringer + Upped 199% Zaka
Laying of Hands
Raven Frost
Bul Kathos


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Might be a little expensive, but it would be totally unique, and sounds like fun to me. I used to use a base pupil when I wasn't rich and played in .08-.09, so I'm a little partial to the thing, anyway this is about what it would look like post-upping :

The Butchers Pupil
Small Crescent
125-200 DMG (at 150% ED) - 144-230 DMG (at 200% ED)
35% Deadly Strike
25% Open Wounds
30% IAS

The damage is calculated with the added 30-50 tacked on already.


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thanks for the replies. looking at it, i think i'm gonna go ahead and spend the runes. no point just hoarding them forever i guess. the lawbringer idea looks really snazzy as well, i'll have to see about collecting up the runes to make it. if nothing else it'll make a handy switch to use against PIs.

Tim B

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indestructable uniques either always spawn eth (eg. shadow killer, etherial edge) or never spwan ether (eg crown of ages, wizard spike, storm shield and butchers)