Upgrading Tiara?


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Upgrading Tiara?


Found a "white" Tiara and whas wondering how to upgrade it because i know there are some nice Druid circlets and tiara's with nice mods like + to skills;fcr;all res.;strenght,etc,etc.......but the are hard to get.

Is it possible to upgrade this Tiara and how?
Go to Charsi or with a Cube formula?

Im LvL94 druid....

Please hlp....


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You'd have to Imbue it.

Upgrading Circlet-type helms is a bad idea, because the base defense increase is minimal (0 - 10 per upgrade), and the Clvl requirement increases quite a bit.


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mhl12 said:
in other words, there is no such formula for upgrading normal items.
You are right with respect to your statement being true, but it's not another way of expressing what RTB said.

As far as I understand it, the question was "If I want to upgrade a tiara, do I have to imbue it to make it an upgradable rare item or can I do this by applying a cube recipe ?" RTB answered that with his first sentence. His second sentence was just friendly advice.

But perhaps you meant "In other words, there is no such formula for making rare items from nonmagical ones."

Hehe, so far it has come. Now we need somebody to interprete the RTB oracle :lol: