Upgrading Homunclus or not?


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Not worth it IMO....

Of course, it all depends on the funds you have. If they're nearly unlimited, do it.

It'll require 106Str and lvl72... you'll gain no blocking, but the Def on your shield will randomly jump to a number between 304-438.

That's it, that's all.


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Yes it does. However, when upgrading shields/armors, the defense amount on the base item that it becomes, will be a random number, instead of the perfect defense that humonculus gets from its enhanced defense-modifier when exeptionel.
Hope it's clear enough, though it's definately not worth upgrading IMO.

cya, Krime


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don't up it, defence doesn't matter unless you have oodles and oodles of it.

Max block and bone armor is more than enough against melee/physical IMO, who have never really been a problem for necros anyways.


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whats the point of upgrading it? necros dont have much defense anyway, wont matter much agaisnt most melee anyhow...and if your tweaking, the 106 str can be a problem