Upgrading from 1.09 to 1.10


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Upgrading from 1.09 to 1.10

Hi all.

In the SPHCL ladder thread it was discovered that I'm still playing v1.09 - much to the chagrin and amazement of the members

<Addicts meeting voice>
(Hello, my name is PapaBear and I'm still playing v1.09)
</addicts meeting voice>

So anyway - Here's my question. I'm wondering whther it is WORTH dual loading 1.09 and 1.10 or whether I should just go whole hog and upgrade finally and forever. Currently I have about a dozen chars of assorted varieties most of whom are under level 30 and only 2 of whom have reached NM! I have just started using ATMA and keeping items instead of just selling off what I couldn't use or fit in the in-game stash. I've been keen to try for the grail and so far have amassed 17% - all self-found (the giveaways I've participated in are not included in this - they are kept on the mules they were supplied on unless they are on a char). I think 17% is not bad considering my highest level char is still only level 48!

So would it be worth me upgrading Galf (my only Slayer at level 48 NM act II) and Jacque (my only Destroyer at level 46 NM act I) and my other normal chars to v1.10 or should I just archive their files and my 1.09 stash to CD and start afresh. I've managed to get Jacque to about 78 on the SPHCL ladder (ahich I'm rather proud of for a noob!) and I'd be disappointed to have to start again. On the other hand it looks like people have been having fun with Nightfish's Necro build and I've always wanted to try a necro (I tend to play barbars and more recently 'sins)

So what are your comments or advice...

* Archive 1.09 and upgrade and go untwinked
* Archive 1.09 and upgrade and plead poverty for some 1.10 scraps from the giveaway threads *grin*
* Upgrade to 1.10 and import all existing chars and equipment.
* Dual load 1.09 and 1.10
* Sod it all and play Dungeon Siege hard out for a few months
* reformat the computer and sell off all games and start a new career as a computer game addiction counsellor?
* Blame Durf and go wild in the EMB with his c/c?
* all of the above



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Well, if you want to go over to 1.10 then you're in a fairly good position to do so (no characters at high levels optimised for .09 rules). I'd recommend going over to 1.10 and archiving your 1.09 stuff in case you change your mind when you meet an FE Ancient in NM/Hell :)

And blame Durf for this decision of course.
i'd backup all your 1.09 characters and items, then install 1.10, try out your current 1.09 characters (many 1.09 builds are much much harder in 1.10, some are easier) there, see if they go nicely. you can always change backlater then and still have your 1.09 characters with there 1.09 items.
oh, and blame durf.


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I have 1.06, 1.07, 1.09 and 1.10 all installed on my PC :p I mostly only play 1.09 and a bit of 1.10 though.

If you decide you want to test the 1.10 waters before taking the full plunge, do a search on my recent posts for instructions on a version switching package :)


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The nice thing about Tren's package is that allows you to install earlier versions fairly easily. (I've got a similar set-up but it requires me to start off with the earliest version I want, and then add upgrades...).



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I'm with TrenShadow on this. A multiple-install will let you test it and decide if you really want to deal with the difficulty of hell in 1.10. :p I think that 1.10 is far superior because of the wider build option availability through synergies, but it certainly can be frustrating at times.