Updated Wolf Fire Claw Ideas

Dimmu Borgir

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Updated Wolf Fire Claw Ideas

Give constructive criticism please.

Now, you all know the cookie cutter Fire Claw build. So just take that idea and I'm going to add my own touches to it, mainly for something new rather than something I'm attempting to make better than a standard Fire Claw Bear.

First off, Werewolf instead of Bear. My personal preference. You can be a Bear if you want, I don't care.


20 Fire Claws
20 Firestorm
20 Molten Boulder
10 Werewolf*
10 Lycanthropy*
20 Armageddon
X Volcano / Fissure

*(Werewolf/Lycanthropy): +To skills can't synergize, as I have learned, so you need to save most of your HARD points for the synergies. this means you can afford to have even LESS than 10 in Wolf and Lycan if you can scrounge enough + to Shapeshifting Skills. Any points you don't use in Wolf or Lycan can be put in Volcano or Fissure to synergize FC or Armageddon.

Now, I got to thinking, all the Fire Claw synergies you're using also synergize Armageddon, the only fire spell that can be cast in Wereform. So why not use it for area attack support?


Helm: Jalal's Mane

Armor: Not sure here. Dragon isn't worth it, so I'm leaning toward Fortitude or maybe Chains of Honor. Suggestions? Or maybe Ormus' Robes for the + to Fire Skill damage. I'm still thinking Fort though.

Weapon (Main): 6-Shael'ed War Scythe-Type weapon, rediculous attack speed and range 5.

Weapon (Switch): Since HoJ isn't worth it 'cause it's too slow, and the aura is only active while the weapon is readied, I'm considering an Obedience polearm. Just use it until the Enchant activates, and then switch to your main. Its still not that much added fire damage but it's essentially just like having a 6-Shael'd HoJ, for a much cheaper price even.

Gloves: I crafted some nice 20% IAS / Life Leech / Crushing Blow gloves a while back, they seem the perfect candidate.

Boots: I have some upgraded Gores that I intended to use for my Assassin (For optimum kick damage and the Crushing Blow), but I deleted her, so I'll use the Gores on this Druid for now. I'm thinking some Sandstorm Treks will be better, though.

Ring 1: No clue on the rings, there's lots of good ones.
Ring 2: Ditto.

Amulet: Highlord's, for the IAS.

And an Infinity merc if you're rich, which I am not.


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hmmm since i dont think you will be doin much physical damage maybe try too get a + skill armor id use arkaine valor even over fortittude with fc werewolf , +3 shape ammy , and a bk ring +raven combo.

those should boost your raw fire claw damage consierably i think.


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I'd go with CoH. The resists,PDR,and +2 skills make it a very hard armor to beat for FC.

Also, the gloves and Amu IAS won't make you attack any faster. WW completely ignores OIAS (Outside Increase Attack Speed) so only on weapon IAS is calulated.

Also, Obedience would only be used for the + to AR from enchant. However, I suppose it would be better to just use Demon Limb charges for that. Perhaps your switch could be a weap/shield set incase you hit the people who won't die rediculously fast from FC.

Finally, how are you going to deal with fire immunes? Will you have a high magic damage weapon for that occasion?


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Is there any real difference between this and all other fc bears apart from using werewolf instead of werebear?

Dimmu Borgir

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Thanks for the heads-up on the Highlords. I'll look into a Rising Sun or Seraph's instead.

But I'm more looking for comments on using Armageddon for support.

Also, I've been using Hunger in situations where I'm getting overpowered, any comments on using Hunger as a secondary support attack? Should I max it? I would use Feral, but I'm pretty sure leech won't work with elemental damage (FC), and Hunger also leeches Mana, so I use Hunger.

So basically yeah, the only reason I use a Wolf is for the looks, 'cause I'm not really using any Wolf-specific skills (Or Bear-specific for that matter).


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20 points wasted into armageddon imo

Also, points into werewolf are wasted as well.

Base in werewolf form with a ravenfrost or so is gonna get you a good amount of ar, Ravenfrost + metalgrid would be enough.

Werewolf adds a ton of ar, I only have 1 point in werewolf but with full ar setup am able to crack 50k ar in wolf form.

Really, your build isn't any different than any fireclaw build, except wasting points into armageddon (which won't do as much damage as you're thinking) and werewolf (getting AR you can easily get elsewhere)

put your 10 points from werewolf into lycan to max your life, and put your 20 points from armageddon into fissure