UPDATED Trading rule re versions 1.00-1.06 inclusive

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Many of you will know about this - it was discovered in 2009 - but as not many were playing those early versions, it didn't warrant making a song and dance about it back then. However, now more people are playing the earlier versions, I'm going to formally stop the trading of items from all versions between 1.00 TO 1.06 inclusive.

Basically the issue is that due to Blizzard's dodgy programming, there are a lot of dupe items in versions 1.00 TO 1.06. It is NOT the fault of the player, it is down to Blizzard. However because that can be used and excuse for those less honest players, it's best to keep 1.00 TO 1.06 items out of the trade pool.

I've chosen this option over the *delete the duped items* option because they aren't dupes in the sense that you did anything wrong. So there is no real reason why you can't keep them and use them. It's the RNG.

Any questions, PM me.

I don't think this will be a huge issue

In case I was unclear this applies to all versions from 1.00 to 1.06 inclusive.
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