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Updated Dragoon Guide

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by Tastychiken_europe, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Tastychiken_europe

    Tastychiken_europe IncGamers Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    Updated Dragoon Guide

    The Dragoon
    (Introduction. I)
    What is the Dragoon exactly? It is a Paladin that wields throwing weapons. Those kind of Paladin’s abandoned the faith in wielding bows and crushing weapons. For the sole purpose of showing that a Paladin could survive with only his shield and living non-violent.

    I. Introduction
    II. Skill Placement
    III. Planning Your Equipment
    IV. Stat Placement
    V. Special Thanks Section

    Placing Your Skills
    (Skill Placement. II)

    Fanatic Dragoon:
    This Dragoon utilizes the power of the Fanaticism aura.
    At Lvl 20 this beauty gives you:
    20 radius
    186% Ed to your Party
    373% Ed to just you
    35% more Ias
    And 135% enhanced Attack Rating

    Now here comes the skill plan:
    20 Fanaticism
    20 Blessed Aim
    20 Smite
    20 Holy Shield

    The best you can do after this is to decide:
    I. Do I want more defence?
    II. Do I want more resist?
    III. Do I want a charge backup?

    That’s the choices for the Fanatic Dragoon.

    Here’s the skill plan for our Tesla Dragoon:

    Tesla Dragoon:
    This Dragoon utilizes the power of the Holy shock aura.
    At Level 20 fully synergized it gives:
    16.6 Yard’s radius
    1-3931 lightning dmg
    And a 4-655 lightning dmg pulse

    Now here’s the skill plan:
    20 Holy Shock
    20 Resist Lightning
    20 Salvation
    20 Blessed aim
    Here we dump the rest in Holy Shield.

    Now what is this? E-q-u-i-p-m-e-n-t?
    (Planning Your Equipment. III)

    Well it has come to this... Choosing your equipment.

    The Helm:
    The Helm of the Dragoon is one of the key things. There are several suggestions about this part of your equipment.

    I will list the best helms for the Fanatic Dragoon Here:
    120/45 Helm, CoA and Shako

    Here is the Tesla Dragoon’s Helm’s list:
    Griffon’s Eye, Shako and CoA

    Both of the builds has CoA and Shako in their Helm suggestion’s part because of the versatility of the helms. But they are listed in order of effectivity in PvM.

    Other great suggestions are:
    Andariels Visage
    Vampire Gaze
    And Blackhorns Face

    The Armour:
    The Armour is the protector and saviour of your little Paladin and it should protect him well shouldn’t it?.

    Fanatic Dragoon’s Armour suggestions:
    Enigma, Stone, Arkaines Vailor ,Tyraels Might and Guardian Angel.

    Tesla Dragoon’s Armour suggestions:
    Enigma, CoH, Ormus ,Tyraels Might and Guardian Angel.

    I can’t really see any other armour that will work “great†with these builds.

    Boots are the little sneakers or heavy metal boot’s your Paladin Wear’s…

    The Fanatic Dragoons boots suggestions:
    There is only one… one the godly, the only one… Gore Rider’s!

    Tesla Dragoon’s Bootie’s ^^:
    Here is your choice:
    More fire res or more poison res?
    Waterwalks or Sandstorm Trek’s

    The belt Keep’s your Paladins stomach from popping out of his Armour :d

    Only one belt that will work good:
    Verdungo’s Hearty Cord!...
    Or Arachnid’s…

    The gloves are the stuff that keeps your hands warm... see??

    The Fanatic Dragoon:
    The Fanatic’s basically has one choice… Steelrend’s

    Tesla Dragoon:
    Tesla’s has some choices to make here:’
    Do I Want more (or just want) lifetap?
    Do I want more Fhr?
    Do I want to wear Dracul’s or Bloodfist’s?

    (Throwing Switch)Shield:

    Basically there’s one armour for both builds:
    The Herald of Zakarum.
    It give’s 2 palla skills and 2 combat skills plus it haves the respectful 20% bonus to AR.

    (Throwing) Weapon:

    For the Fanatic there are several options:
    Lacerators for Amp
    Warshrikes for Pierce and DS%
    And Demons Arch for Range

    But for The Tesla there is really one option with still… many weapon’s to choose from:
    The fastest you can find .

    (Smiting Switch) Shield… Only Fanatic Dragoons:
    Here… there are 2 choices:
    Herald of Zakarum or Stormshield
    Herald for Dmg and Storm for Dmg Reduction…

    (Smiting) Weapon:
    For ladder runners:
    Grief it is the best u can get with its tremendous dmg boost.
    Astreon’s or a Doom for the Hf but it’s considered BM where some people duel.

    The Last resort of Dragoon’s… Charms!!!

    Fanatic’s can use both fine and steel small charm’s but they should use a minimum of 4 offensive’s to keep their dmg over 2k with throwing... 3-4k when looking at other weapon’s then warshrike’s in max dmg build’s 5-6k but I havnt reached it.

    Teslas should have at least 15 steel small charms and the rest should be offensive grand charms.

    Stat Points?
    (Stat placement IV.)

    The stat Placement is more like a Meele Paladin except some more "Ranged" Futures.

    Strenght: The strenght should be modified so u at the exact stat point can wear your heaviest item.

    Dex: There are two Variations

    Offensive: Get your dex two that sweet 175-200 and youll be fine but life is a real boggle here.

    Defensive: there are SOME that dont like being offensive they like being the sitting duck (but want to be a sitting duck with A lot of survivability) so they would like the minimum dex needed And use a Guardian Angel, This is what i did Btw. youll get lots of life beacuse od that holy shield too, plus think of gettin some really high block shield.

    Vitality: Put every spare point here or; "THOU SHALLT BE SMOTE DOWN BY THE MIGHTY GODS OF DIABLO!!!"

    Energy: The need for mana should eventually be negated by mana steal plus throwing dont cost mana ;).

    Im gonna try upping my double leech 353% ed javelins and see if they work.

    Some pointers:
    1. With a dream setup u loose the block but u can become an elemental dragoon and do massive elemental dmg
    2. Exile is really great for the Defensive variant
    3. Dont be afraid to try new things like duress etc even new ladder rw's and pm me and ill try to include em.

    //tastychiken Europe

    Thats the updated guide it has a stat placement section now and some pointers.
  2. Epsilon Eyez

    Epsilon Eyez IncGamers Member

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Nice guide, it makes me feel like making one. The builds are clearly outlined. This is one of the first guides in which explaining two builds came out perfectly and not awkward (at least from what I've read).
  3. Tastychiken_europe

    Tastychiken_europe IncGamers Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    thank you so much :) if you need any help ill try and bring it in the amounts i can, but ive never had the funds to really try it out so now when my economy is rising fast im thinking of making one to test every aspect of the fanatic dragoon with the defensive stat points since i didnt like the Capabilities of the offensive one.
  4. Tastychiken_europe

    Tastychiken_europe IncGamers Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    Ok, This is some newer news :p.
    My "Real" Realm tester is at the early stages (7 Lolz) and im gonna make some research of rares and at some OW & DS stuff, That means im gonna try how effective the build is in PvP Raw dmg or Ow and Ds.
    And one other thing is that im actually gonna add a PvP Section to the guide in the version that is coming and should be calld:
    Updated Dragoon Guide PvP.
    Plus im gonna check if u can go for Raw dmg on the weapon and still get speed and Ow,Ds.


    Any questions can be Pm'ed Or emailed if i left my Email here ^^
  5. militantJ

    militantJ IncGamers Member

    Aug 17, 2004
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    mate, sounds like a good idea.
    wonder if you could post your average damage with a completed
    dragoon and your attack rating. i kinda feel like you're gonna
    have problems hitting stuff in hell.
  6. Tastychiken_europe

    Tastychiken_europe IncGamers Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    well hes lvl 15 now (im a slow lvler sorry :( ).
    But my (yes even my) Zealot got like 10k ar throw so it is gonna be better with B.aim i think, dont u? :p.
    plus the sp tryer got like 13-16k ar odd enough and since im gonna try out g.bane too ill be doing two angelic *muahhahaha* :D.
    + my next attempt shall be the vanquisher, it seems like a really good build (especially with grief) beacuse u can put 1 point in smite and own everything, and u have like a field of 10k hammers runnin around u when u pwn him to death with smite + if he runs hell get sunned by the hhammers


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