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Ryan has instructed me to tell you all that he's doing okay and should get out of the hospital soon. I never told you guys what happened did I?

Ok, here goes. Ryan and I were skateboarding at a school near our houses. I just landed a new trick down the big handrail, 12 stairs I think, and then Ryan decided it was his turn to step it up. So he went for a backside nosegrind (jumping onto the rail with the rail on his backside onto balancing on the rail) and fell forward, onto his head, at the bottom of the stairs. When he landed, his neck broke instantly with a horrible crunch. He has been hospitalized since then, but he should be getting out soon. Most likely he and I will both post on this name, so he should get back soon.

Meanwhile, I have worked on my barbarian, a s/s barb in an 09 form with GF as his best weapon. I plan on using this:
Gaze (Um)
GF, Open socket right now, but I'm trying to get an Ohm for it
Leviathan (Open socket, looking for an Um)
Stormshield (Not socketed yet, but I'm not sure what I'd put in it anyway)
Bul Katho's
String of Ears
Gore Rider

Sword Mastery
Battle Orders

I plan on using my sword mostly two handed, but I'll keep you all updated on my barb and on Ryan.



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Yikes. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Yet another reason why I stick to safe sports like rock climbing.


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Yeouch, bit of bad luck there.

Best wishes to Ryan for a full and fast recovery from that nastyness.

And good luck wit your Barb :)


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Ouch, that gotta hurt. Best wishes.

I could never see myself make a s/s barb though, they (and their skills) are meant to have two biga** sword and hack through emeny, guess I'm kinda old school on this kind of stuff.


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Ick...thats awful :hanky:

But surely he will recover :thumbsup:

But good luck with your barb, I have done almost same build with quite similar gear myself. I don't know if he is greatest of barbs but nice to play, no-one can kill him :)

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quick advice on the GF socket. I wouldn't go Ohm, as you will need IAS to get that thing moving. I don't remember where the IAS tables are, but more damage on that thing isn't needed if you can bump your frenzy up a frame. Damage is king, but speed kills.



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Hope Ryan recovers soon. Outside is a dangerous place, so I try to avoid it...


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oof. best wishes for a safe and quick recovery for Ryan! i've been cringing in my chair since reading your note. Is he going to be haloed? Oof. My thoughts go with him.

And good luck with your barb, as well.


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tragor said:
Yikes. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Yet another reason why I stick to safe sports like rock climbing.
amen to that!

best wishes and a speedy recovery to Ryan.