Untwinked Pwn Squad(UPS) Session #7


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Bye bye UPS

Dave and I have made the executive decision to end UPS, due to consistent lackluster turnouts.


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That's sad to find out that an untwinked group has been dropped due to lack of participation.... :lipsrsealed:

I used to run untwinked runs when GAT-East was still around... many ages ago........ :cloud9:

If ya start another group - I'd be interested in joining...

current acct is *Tekmatek


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I was up at 3:30AM this morning, leaving for Johor at 4AM. Yaaaay last minute travel brief decisions.

Wooo, advertising.


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I'd love to play in another one, but I don't know about starting another one, since mine always fall out. If anyone else wants to start one, I'll probably sign up.