untwinked pker


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untwinked pker

hi i wanted to make a pker, who would find its own equipment. he would be max lvl 24, charger with uniques and items found at mef en andyruns. is it possible? for killing unexpected baalrunners or something, thnx in advance


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Untwinked ? o_O

PKers work because they can do tons of damage and have high life - which they won't do if they're untwinked.

Check the PK Library that's stickied to see if you can find anything in there that's reasonably cheap, but most of them require pretty good gear (if not exceptional).


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If you manage to find a bonesnap maul for your level 24 charger, you can make a low end pker with not much else in the way of gear... but without at least a decent weapon, a level 24 wont be killing baal runners with too much efficiency.

You could always go with a level 15 or so charger, and use a pike you shop from act5 larzuk... look for 100+ max dmg on it, put it on, use whatever else you find, max might, 1 charge, and you're set.



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untwinked is hard to pk with, but you can make some very ghetto pkers.

only untwinked ears i ever got were with a pally i lvled to 24, i would enter empty cow games looking for good imbue, found an eth pike that got 156 listed max dmg lvl 10 req :)

had to toss it on the 24 to keep with untwinked rules, had jason loot me iirc when i entered a duel game after collecting 3 ears. used the pike on quite a few ghetto pks after that.

if you're gonna harvest norm bosses then the answer is a resounding yes you can make cheap pks.

deaths combo
normal snap
decent charms

(i saw all of these things frequently while self paing chars through norm back when i played)


p.s. good luck with your char, id decide on build then use your imbue right before you go hunt for best luck. odds are if you do untwinked you won't be shopping too many good items.