Untwinked Necro good for mf'ing?


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Untwinked Necro good for mf'ing?

I just started a necro on ladder for my first char and was wondering if I will be able to mf ok with 3 topaz helm/4 topaz armor and whatever rares I'll find along the way. My main goal for making a ladder char was to find the ladder only uniques since I'm a collector (pretty much the only thing keeping me playing D2, and I have most of the non ladder ones :p) so I was wondering if I should continue going with the nec or scratch it and start a ladder sorc instead. At lvl 16, necro has had no problem killing monsters into beginning of act 2 after only ~2 hrs of play so I believe killing things won't be an issue till I get to hell. Though I haven't played untwinked since classic D2 (got drawn back into the game a week before 1.10 by friends who gave me a mf sorc set-up. They knew my mf weakness :O), so I don't know how I'll do later on. Any advice would be appreciated.

Btw, my planned build is a summoner (skeles mainly) with bone spirit + a synergy, and 1 in all the curses.


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Heh, my MF fishymancer is Single Player, but he did much what you have described.

If you are a standard skelliemancer your gear requirements are not that great and you can get away with wearing such stuff relatively whole-skinned.

Basically max Raise Skeleton and then Skeleton Mastery throwing a few 1-point skills like curses and a clay golem in.

When Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery is maxed you can then figure out what you want to specialise in too.

Oh yeah, and he owns everything except Diablo at Normal difficulty. Get someone to help you out there.


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Necro is safest MF player out there. Only problem they not fast like sorc's.

Give you an idea. My summoner is untwinked on ladder (or was for a long time). He has successfully cleared hell and now is mfing almost full time.

I maintain lvl 34 skellies which gives me 13 skellies doing 415 dmg each.

I only lose 1 skelly on weapon switch when i am about done with ball/meph for mf boost.

Gear all I found cept armor and goldwrap. (traded 4 those)

Shako w/ perf topaz
31% chancies
36% travs
25% blue ring
22 % nagel
2x's ali babba
Gull (100mf)
Goldwrap (upgraded for more pots)
trang armor
mara's ammy/ switch to 27% mf ammy for final hits
Gheed's 23%
2 smfc's (3/4%) not great but I'll keep for a while.

Total MF 356 I think.

I've found great stuff lately... but also was finding useful items as I was questing and working through hell.

So untwinked summoner will do just fine for MFing given enuf time to get the right gear.


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I guess that's my main concern right now, the finding the right gear part. Call me spoiled, but I loved twinking my chars with the best possible gear possible, and I would be able to if I had just made the nec in SC. But I'll accept the challenge of starting from scratch on ladder so I get a chance to add the fancy ladder only items to my collection. :p Thx for the helpful/supportive comments


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A necro was my first character on ladder, and I made him with the same thing in mind: pure MF. I found/shopped everything I needed and still wears topazed armor, aside from a shako a found recently with him.

Check out resist boots with MF on them, they are nice. Some areas are not good for a necro with low resists, like chain lightnings from Black Souls and hierophants' blizzards. Cold explosions when bosses die have almost taken me out from halfway across the screen. Charms can be used to fix this. Everything else you will find as you go. Look for heads with +skills and a wand with +3 to whatever your preferred tree is. They're the only items that will give +skills if you go the topaz armor route at the beginning.