untwinked ladder mfer?


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untwinked ladder mfer?

Im bored with non-ladder and am starting ladder softcore, I was wonderring if I should just wait due to a possible new season soon or not. If no one is sure, Ill just start ladder cause im bored.

I have no gear on ladder, but would like get a good mfer running from scratch, what char? Hammerdin is what I'm thinking and just running pits, etc with decent but not great gear I find/beg for along the way. Any suggestions for an untwinked mfer on ladder?

Thanks all.


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hammerdins are not the best but they are ok

i would suggest meteorb or summoner necro


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- you need to have a char finish off Hell diff as soon as possible, in whatever poor gear you may have.

the best candidate for this is a trap-based asn. She can survive everywhere with only the gear that you buy in town.

- build a MF'er after you have at least 1 char at lvl 80+. Use this char to help with your MF'er.

Just a few weeks I restarted D2X. about 70 registered acounts that I once had (most were HCL accounts) were ALL expired!!! I had to play HCL from scratch. after a while, i switched to SCL about a week or two ago.

I started with absolutely nothing in SC. Here is what I have done in SC since then:

- 1st char: Javazon, untwinked.
- 2nd char: trapper, untwinked, helped by a few ppl in Hell.
- 3rd/4th char: Blizz sorc/Hammerdin (i played them in turn)
- 5th/6th char: necro/Meterorb sorc (i played them at the same time).

I started to trade after I started to play Meterorb sorc. I traded stuff for this sorc, and she's lvl 85 right now, in full Tal's set, using SS etc. I'll trade more to replace her Tal's set, and eventually turn her into a fast rusher (not just a MF'er atm). I need a very fast rusher to rush lvl 1 chars for NM/Hell hellforge drops.

as you can see, i have established a solid starting point on East SCL (and HCL too, though I stopped playing HC).
Despite the power of a Hammerdin, they are still somewhat specialised in items needs.

I would try your hand at either a Summoner Necromancer or a Meteorb Sorc. Both will serve you well and will springboard your MF career.