Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?


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Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?

Just got out of Normal with a Berserker (?) Barb.

low survivability
low resistances
missing plenty of slow attacks, forced to put points in Dex to help with AR
not enough mana or life leech in early NM Act 1
high mana cost of Berserk means I have yet to actually use the damn skill on a more than experimental basis ...it's Concentrate and a very ineffectual WW for now (I hate hate hate how WW looks, it's just a silly concept to me)

Bad(?) Solutions:
*socket Steeldriver ...with a PSkull to fix the leeching issues??

*just found the IK Will ...but using it loses me my 10 Resists All 48%MF 29%ED Circlet - socket with 2 resist runes??

*upgrade the Shael'd Bonesnap I have in the bank for big damage boost

*nickel and dime my way to NM Countess for an eventual Lum rune so I can make the resist or Barb armour (running RWM as only mod)?

*run Normal Pindle/Meph/Baal til I can score some more Resists gear and another Angelic ring to fix my AR issues, then respec (still have both respecs available) to more Str/Vit

*respec Frenzy ...highly likely since this Berserk thing just doesn't seem very friendly for an apparently unskilled player such as I

*drop the Life Leech/CB/Poisonresist gloves for some IAS or mana/life leech?

*Iratha's Coil/Collar/Cuff and Cathan's Seal(s) available

*Gorefoot for 2% more manaleech?

*say to hell with it and go work on a Tesladin/Avenger and another Strafazon

Not an issue:
tons of damage even for p8, things die, they're just way too dangerous

Name: Losthope
Class: Barbarian
Level: 48
Strength: 120/121
Dexterity: 87/**
Vitality: 108/108
Energy: 10/10
HP: 501/562
Mana: 57/62
Defense: 21/304
AR: 420/519

Fire: 59/19/-41
Cold: 58/18/-42
Lightning: 64/24/-36
Poison: 68/28/-32

MF: 113 Block: 19
GF: 0
FR/W: 30
FHR: 24
IAS: 40
FCR: 0

Bash: 1/1
Leap: 1/1
Double Swing: 0/0
Stun: 1/1
Double Throw: 0/0
Leap Attack: 1/1
Concentrate: 1/1
Frenzy: 0/0
Whirlwind: 1/1
Berserk: 1/1

Sword Mastery: 1/1
Axe Mastery: 0/0
Mace Mastery: 1/1
Pole Arm Mastery: 0/0
Throwing Mastery: 0/0
Spear Mastery: 0/0
Increased Stamina: 0/0
Iron Skin: 1/1
Increased Speed: 0/0
Natural Resistance: 3/3

Howl: 1/1
Find Potion: 1/1
Taunt: 1/1
Shout: 1/1
Find Item: 4/4
Battle Cry: 1/1
Battle Orders: 11/11
Grim Ward: 0/0
War Cry: 18/18
Battle Command: 1/1

Vidala's Snare
Vidala's Fetlock

Grim Clasp
Heavy Belt
5% Chance to cast level 4 Frost Nova when struck
+24% Faster Hit Recovery
+12 to Life
Attacker Takes Damage of 4
8% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Venom Grip
Fortuitous Ring of the Bat
Manald Heal

Havoc Horn
29% Enhanced Damage
+8 to Life
All Resistances +10
48% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Perfect Topaz

227% Enhanced Damage

Type: Def-Normal
Gemmed Ring Mail
60% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Artisan's Great Helm of Remedy
64% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
The Battlebranch

As it stands right now the Def Merc seems to do a lot better than I in the safety department, though he dies quick to nasty modifiers Uniques, and seems to have a much easier time than I to actually hit things, since War Cry/Battle Cry takes time to get up and doesn't always hit.
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Re: Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?

Leeching isn't going to get you anywhere with Berserk, since it converts damage to magic damage.

I am currently playing a HC untwinked berserker (who is not allowed to re-run areas and is only allowed to use unique items), but mine is only at the Normal Chaos Sanctuary. So far, so good, but Normal is not known for its tremendous difficulty.


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Re: Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?

Then how the **** to get Mana for Berserk? Quaff potions after every shout/cry? The warcries don't always take, and don't always reach. You have to re-cast or run away or something.

At this point I'm not terribly attached to the skill Berserk, but I am attached to the notion of being able to make it through Act 1 of NM alive. That means Concentrate and a whole lot of shouting.

Iratha's gloves+amulet helped a bunch, and another point in resist. I just got the runes and 4s Partizan to make Insight for my merc and the Barb runeword armour for myself. Now to find a suitable base armour.


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Re: Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?

Iron Berserker Guide.

Check out this guide. When I wrote it, I didn't actually have HC play in mind but it's perfect for HC play, aka an unkillable berserker. The guide is written for twinking, but a lot of the ideas there would still be very helpful for untwinked HC play, Mainly the merc choice & life replenish sections.

Could be worth a read I think for you.


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Re: Untwinked-ish HC no-shield Barb NM help?

Im just right now leveling my barb (SC, Frenzy, HEAVILY twinked) and I have some insights.

I've never tried to make a concentrate barb, so I decided to go for Conc and then respec to Frenzy (around lvl ~50). He was very safe to play with conc. I used upped Bonesnap (not even Shael'ed), IK gloves, boots and belt and some +max damage 4soc armor. The thing is conc's synergy is BO, so you can pump your life AND damage. With a minimal investment in vita he was nearly invincible (high lvl BO + life leech do the trick). I didnt bother to equip +defence stuff, but with decent shield and armor he can reach some sick defence level, too.
I always thought conc speed is too low and he can only target 1 monster at a time, but I really enjoyed the safety of his. I will definately give conc-barb a try if I ever go HC.