Untwinked HC Java questions...


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So I'm making an untwinked Javazon, going pure light and will be farming LK for Infinity. I'm just wondering what you guys recommend for skills. I plan to use Peace runeword for valk, I know I need 1 solid point for peace to work properly. So my question would be this, do you think that I should rely soley on peace or if I'm doing this untwinked should I put 17 hard points in to Valk to make pushing easier than go full lightning after and for now hold back on maxing a third lightning skill?

Which brings me to another question, being untwinked, and pure java, do I need a lot of points in to penetrate because I know CS/LF don't rely on it, I'm sure I could still use the max pierce %, any other java tips would be apprecaited, I know I made another one before and had questions but I Can't seem to find that thread with the new setup of the website


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If farming Infinity, also farm an Enigma. Drop valk and use merc.

While untwinked, 1 point valk with Peace + handful of points in decoy will give u 2 recastable tanks; and valk from Peace should be synergized from your decoy.

1 penetrate. No need for AR. 100% pierce (9 in Pierce) with Razortail.


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Thanks Gynli,

So for untwinked pure light the build should look something like ;

All preq's 1
Crit 50%
Pierce 100%
1 Valk
20 CS
20 LF
10 Decoy
Rest any lightning booster?


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{...}I know I made another one before and had questions but I Can't seem to find that thread with the new setup of the website
The search function does seem to be severely crippled in the latest software. I remembered posting at some length about Valkyrie, Decoy, and "Peace" in one of your threads, but the search engine showed "No results." (In fact, the search engine failed to find any posts from me prior to this month. @maxicek, @Thyiad, might this be worthy of a sysadmin's attention?)

So I did a brute force search, and was able to locate my previous posts in your Untwinked Strafezon Assistance. :D topic, as well as a brief comment in your Trixie The HC99 Adventurer thread.


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I don't see the point of crit if you don't focus on AR. So probably drop the crit aswell.
1 point in pierce will likely give 100% after +skills and razor tail.


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For untwinked play 20 in Valk and 5 in Pierce would be very helpful. You won't be finding Razortail for a while, and 20 in Valk will help with Ancients and lightning immunes in general. Will also take some heat off your merc.


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Untwinked in HC, I'd max valk personally. She is one hell of a tank. She is a tank anyway, but certainly benefits.


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@Zyr - the search function was always ... interesting.

I always used to use google search but limit the site to this one. Not ideal but effective. :)