untwinked HC charger... viable?


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untwinked HC charger... viable?

hello all

i am into this playing group KTA.. if you have ever looked into the HC forum you probably know what i mean.

now for next round i am thinking about building a charger PURE PVM. since we are untwinked, i will have to settle for what items we find along the way.

so now my questions:
1 or 2 handed (i.e. shield or not)
is it possible to combine this with a 2th attack skill, to be a little more versitile.. if so.. which 1? (i was thinking smite, couse i love it... but will it work? i will lack the skillpoints to maxx all synergies to both charge and smite)
is chargelock still around? and if so... how badly does this affect playability in PvM?

thanks in advance


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Liberators are charge/hammers. That would do for a secondary attack perhaps?
Because its hc i would go one handed.
Endgame stats with a liberator would be from lovelygods guide:

20 Charge
20 Vigor
20 Concentraion
20 Blessed Hammer
16 Blessed Aim
01 Holyshield

Cant say about viability cos i havent played one. Especially not untwinked. Good luck!


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thanks for the reaction.. i will think about the combination hammer/charge. it doesnt seem to obvious to me however... since for charge you need a big weapon, while for hammer you need +skills and FCR. a combination of those 2 doesnt sound viable when you dont got specific gear at hand.. and being untwinked.. i wont have any gear at all.

actualy i am thinking going a 2 handed charger/zealot... pure for stile points :shocked:

i was thinking about:
20 charge
20 vigor
20 might
20 fana
rest zeal / sacrifice

zeal would be purely backup.. and i would play a hit and run stile... singling out 1 badguy, hitting him hard and rethreating as fast as i can.


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thanks for that link... i somehow missed it... and its by far the best charge guide i have ever seen.