Untwinked Characters


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Untwinked Characters

Is there any character that can solo hell untwinked besides a summoner (necro)?


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(and summon necro of course)
are the best

(practically all the chars can if you build them right and are lucky finding items along the way)


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If you asking for any untwink character that can solo in hell without devoting 1 hr per day for mfing. Then, the answer is no.


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My favourite untwinked character is a meteorb sorc because 90% of everything I use to twink my other characters comes from her :)


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There are lots of characters that can solo hell untwinked without spending an hour per day mfing. It just means that you will be killing slower. Also keeping the player count down at just yourself will help alot for those underpowered builds. The majority of the builds that can do this are casters and summoners as they are not as equipment dependant as melee and ranged attackers to do their damage. It gets done all the time in the Single Player community. Bnet on the other hand is rarer as I think people run out of patience and end up just turboing their characters without having to learn how to play them first (I'm not saying everyone on bnet does this). The two most usefull words for untwinked solo in hell would have to be patience and tactics, IMHO.