Untwinked Bonemancer Stats


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Untwinked Bonemancer Stats

So I am making another Bonemancer and was wondering about some things. Mainly about stat points and where can I skimp early to save later.

Base energy seems doable from the one I was working on before, a bit annoying early but more easily ignored than the thought of points that could have been saved for vit and dex, but my real question was about strength.

In the past I have always gotten some early for equip, but could I realistically just skip it? Or would the difficulty of getting str up to par through items (for example upgraded homun requires over 100 I believe) hurt my other areas badly enough to make it not worth it? Oh well just wondering what you guys thought, whether I should leave it base or get some (and how much).



wel if you can get your hands on enigma Breastplate go for all out dex/vit and leave energy/str alone =P and Anni sc might help you wear your enigma Breatplate.

you start with 15 str
+15 (or more from anni sc)
once you reach lvl 69(i think) you can wear your enigma bp and at lvl 80 enigma will give you +60 str, +20 from tgods you have a rough total of 110 str not including shako, maras charms and the works :D


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hehehe read the title

Dragonmaster said:
too bad I don't come across the stuff for enigma very easily untwinked :D
That's quite amusing.

Use 60 str. It covers all basic caster gear, including frostburns, mageplate, crafted belts, kite shield/whitstan's guard. It's low so it really doesn't affect your life. You can also use 55/57 as they are breakpoints for certain equipment.