Untwinked Adventures


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Untwinked Adventures

Recently my neighbor and I have been getting bored with the same old Rush your character and do repetitive baal runs for the rest of your life. So, we decided to play the game how it should be played. We both made characters, my druid and his necro and set off to play through and get every WP and explore places we had never been before.

We Cleared out almost everywhere in act 1. Found some OK rares, and managed to grab every wp. I personally had never even seen places like the barracks before and enjoyed this type of game play.
We were both level 14 when we completed andy. In act 2 we hit the sewers and dry hills, and managed to grab 4 levels. It got late so I had to get off but we will continue today.

I just wanted to let people know that if you are also getting bored of doing baal runs, then try doing what we did, it is incredibly fun and is how the game is meant to play. I noticed a lot of other people play like this, and if anyone is around our level and wants to join us sometime just whisper "Hakimal". Thanks.


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Believe it or not, but this is how just about everyone here started to play. Never having seen the barracks before doing "endless" Baal runs is in the extreme minority in these forums. I'm happy for you and your new experience and I congratulate you for being one your way of becoming a Diablo II player!

Keep going and have fun!


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I know some people never seen areas of act3 like the flayer dungeon on the sewers... but the barracks?... you kidding? :xx:

Anyway, im glad you had fun


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I generally play through, though occasionally skipping (running through, not getting rushed) parts of the desert and palace and act 5. But I do most of the quests (not Nihilthak, sometimes not malus if I run through the barracks), and get a decent number of the wp's.

I mean, sure, I'll do Baal runs when I finish the Ancients, but rushing is not what I have done.


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I think more and more people now are turning to this style of play, especially with the game having been out for as long as it has.

I (like many of you, I'm sure) have been playing this game since day one. It really is a great game but for a while I got caught up in leveling and rushes and whatnot. Then one day while everyone was whining for a rush I just thought, "A rush to WHAT? What are we all rushing to?!?!"

It's so much more fun to play through untwinked with some friends. The gaming experience is just so much more rewarding. It's the only way I play now. If you're on East Ladder, hit me up: *Kitriara


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Need more people for HC EAST LADDER TEAM

A small (5) group of friends have started a team to go through HC Hell untwinked. We have several positions open and would like to fill them with quality people. This is HC East Ladder.

Current Party configuration:

Pure Fire Sorc
Summon Necromancer
FOH Paladin
Wind Driud
Iron/Tank Barb

Just started Saturday so we are in the low teens level wise

We need 2 more people:


Simple Rules - Drops will be split according to the party needs, if killed a person may rebuild outside of the group only until they reach the level in which they died. Absolutely no muling or trading to attain outside items:

Play times are flexible - any may be scheduled to complete quests.

/w *catkiller29 or *luckyday for more details regarding joining the party