unsummon namelock?


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Ronaldo said:
can somebody explain how to do this and what exactly it is?
it is essentialy delayed name lock
allowes you to namelock your oponent and tele on top of them when they are offscreen. the way to do it is namelock them with unsumon, then while holding doun the button switch to tele , result is you will end up on top of your oponent. I think you can lose the nl if they go more than 2 (hope not wrong here) screens away


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Mainaman got the point of it; it can hold for a few screens yes, but if they get far enough away to where their name no longer appears on your minimap then the namelock is lost

Ce Olba

Camden said:
Unsummon and Throw hold longer and further away
Plus Unsummon is one of the few things that's UNIVERSAL that doesn't move when namelocked. Try locking with berserk for example, you will start running.


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Also unsummon costs no mana, so if ur low on mana pots (or just don't want to waste them) its gonna help

At the OP; it's just for a surprise, usually on WW barbs and Hurri druids who need to be near someone to do damage. You can also unsummon lock someone when they leave town to get their body, and when they say 'Go' after they're clothed, teleport directly onto them from screens off or lay a volcano down before they get to move.


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I usually pub duel a lot, and nobody really says go in there. I usually use tk 4 tracking unless I'm low on mana, in which case i use unsummon. Thats the way I usually use it at least :undecided: