unnable to connect


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unnable to connect

I got a CI earlier tonight and when i tried to connect to bnet again about 10 minutes latter it said:

Your cd key is currently being used by (my name)
wait 5 minutes before trying to connect again

now its been ~6 hours, and I'm getting a little worried. I was just wondering how long people have had these last, and how long one should wait before trying to contact someone from blizzard.


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They usually only last about 5-10 mins. Have you tried exiting diablo (and making sure game.exe isn't still running) and then attempting to connect again?


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I wouldn't know who to go about contacting, or how long it would actually take for you to get a real response.
I had this happen once by the account/dude named 'tristan'. And yes it was maddening. But it was only once and only an hour. Hopefully it wont happen again after you get back on. Sorry not much help here!