Unjust desserts


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Unjust desserts

This perturbs me.

I do not see how those two incompetents could be rewarded for screwing up. Then again, their reward came from the same government that denied global warming existed and rewarded George Tenet with a high honor for doing what no other CIA chief had ever done: destroyed US intelligence credibility.

<sighs> I must be channeling Ilad today. But this really does tick me off.


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Juan Cole had a statement about this event:

Two army analysts who mistakenly claimed that aluminum tubing bought by Iraq was for centrifuges to enrich uranium received job performance awards during the past 3 years. When the specifications of the tubing were finally shown to the International Atomic Energy Commission in March of 2003, Mohammed ElBaradei was able to falsify the allegation within 24 hours, issuing a statement that tubing with those specifications could not be used for uranium enrichment. If Elbaradei could see the falsehood of the claims almost immediately, it is not plausible that US analysts could not.
Are you all really surprised? To me, this seems par for the course.

They did what they were told to do ... and are now receiving their (un)just rewards.