Underrated Bands/Artists


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Underrated Bands/Artists

In response to the Overrated Bands/Artists thread, lets list those bands that are way Underrated. Those that deserve much more recognition then they are receiving currently.

For startes I will say The Mars Volta. This band is absolutely amazing.


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As much as i'm probably wrong for being here in Australia where I'm isolated from the majority of popular music (except all the crap Aus TV/media takes and advertises to the "cool" kids),
I'd say Reel Big Fish are heavily underrated.
Also are,

The Shaggs
Mr. Bungle
Herb Albert
Boards of Canada

With the exception of The Shaggs, they're all popular, but no where near as much as they should be.


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Carnage-DVS said:
Mushroom head yes.Korn no_Overated x 1000000000000
I said KoRn only because it is my favorite band and they aren't as popular as I wish they were. Oh well, you can't have everything.


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Taking Back Sunday
The Starting Line
Black Star
Alkaline Trio
Jurassic 5
The Used

I could go on and on. Granted that some of these bands are popular within their genre, but they are not widely known.

If you want generally unknown bands, even from within the genre, here you go:

2 Skinnee J's
The Living End
Senses Fail
The Early November
Name Taken

Anyone else?


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My_Immortal6 said:
The Used are cool. The Living End are an Australian band, and as such are pretty well known here.
I'm very glad that The Living End get some credit there, because they get none here in the states. Aside from being on Warped Tour one year and having Roll On used for an X-Games commercial, they're unknown.


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Croup said:
I'm very glad that The Living End get some credit there, because they get none here in the states. Aside from being on Warped Tour one year and having Roll On used for an X-Games commercial, they're unknown.
Yeah they first hit the scene in about 1999 here. They are a mainstay of the sort of more mainstream rock crowd. We are generally proud of our homegrown bands here. We have a festival called Homebake which is just Australian bands that goes around the country.


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Against Me
Star-Strangled Bastards
Aus Rotten
LeftÖver Crack
Youth Brigade
Dead Milkmen

in that order.
so underrated that nobody knows what the heck i'm talking about


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Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew. Cant describe how good they are. They do smalltours across Canada and the U.S.


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Abandoned Pools -
Part of me wants the whole world to hear how awesome these guys are, and part of me wants to keep it to myself, as fame does tend to breed change.

Bush -
Used to be huge, but disappeared after Sixteen Stone (and after Gavin got with Gwen Stefani). Still have a totally unique sound.

Cake -
The best group of musicians on the planet, hands down.

Collective Soul -
Another band that disappeared, but still has a sound that no one has touched.

The Faint -
Too electro-ish a sound to become mainstream, but these guys kick serious butt. Their oldest CD Media would actually probably have better success today, as it's indie/emo.

Flogging Molly -
Oh come on! Irish punk kicks *** and you know it.

Goldfinger -
For some reason "punks" hate Goldfinger. I love Goldfinger. I guess I'm not "punk". :rolleyes:

Hoobastank -
I say this because these guys ROCK live. Everyone's always like "HoobaSTUNK" and such, but I think they're great.

Jet -
Too much attention has been placed on "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", and not enough on the 12 other incredible songs on Get Born.

Placebo -
One of those bands that you can instantly tell it's them when you hear a song. Have a huge range of sounds and speeds, and are good at all of them; something that many bands tend to lack these days.

Rx Bandits -
Not too well known, and probably a little too Reggae to become popular, but this is another one of those bands that has insane amounts of talent.

Smash Mouth -
Yeah, you heard me. "All Star" is nowhere near their best song. Listen to their full albums before you make the call.

Yellowcard -
These guys are taking off quickly, but they still don't have the attention they deserve.