Unconventional Builds


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Unconventional Builds

Can I get some links to some completely uncommon builds, like Meelemancers and the like? I want to start a new character, but I want to do something completely different and fun. Anyone have any examples?


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havnt tried it, so no advise really... as soon as i find my windforce, i will give it a go.


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head over to the necro forum and look in the stickies for Mad Mantis' great meleemancer guide. I love it.

if your after a really unconventional build why not just pick a skill you like and go with it for as far as you can.


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Some "different" builds I've played are:

Meleemancer. Didn't like this guy much
Trielementalist Sorc. Lots of fun and really cool to play. Though Nova took a back seat to Orb and Firewall.
Swordasin. Give an assassian any big hurty weapon and max Tiger STrike and some Shadow Disciplines to do big damage.
FB Templar: Paladin that uses Trangs partial set bonuses and the synergies bug. Could finish the game on players 8 quite easily.
Rare only WW barb. Well the build wasn't unusual but his gear was certainly different.