Umm hello?


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Umm hello?

Err hello,

I'm new to D2 and love to play as a necromancer. Deaddave told me to let y'all know that im here so here i am.

Err that's it.

EDIT: (after being told what to write :tongue:)

I'm from Lancashire in england and i'm in my last year of secondary school and just starting out playing diablo 2. its more of a recreational drug than an addiction :grin:. If it helps (although it probably won't) i'm colour blind of the green type. Anything else you wanna know?


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haha took aa couple of nudges but welcome to the forum enjoy your stay.

*kicks linuxdragon shins*
beat ya nebux


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Good evening, welcome to the Forum. Have a good read of the stickies; Dave will show you where they are.

Please put on these shin guards *hands over shin guards* and you can get some fruit juice at the EMB. :wave:


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*dons shin pads* i need some new shinpads, my old ones are pretty worn out now. Fruit Juice yay :grin: my favourite.


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i was reading some good topic about....

Fists of Legend

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: You already have shin guards so I'll save these for the next person. Don't forget to read the stickies and watch out for the squid. A little more about yourself and you will get extra cookies in your goodie basket from w_m.

Stop by the EMB and have a drink on me.


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*angry at Fists for beating me to it*
Well, all that Fist said, and if you are a GBP, assist in the making of a GBP lounge.


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Welcome, hope your necro if coming along nicely, im making a skellymancer myself atm.

Dark Matter

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GBP = Great Britain Pounds usually - as opposed to USD, United States Dollars.

Of course, I could be wrong and GBP could stand for
Gorgeous British Person
Green Bay Packers
Gastric Bypass
Gameboy Player
Gewestelijk Bestemmingsplan
Global Best Practice(s)
Good Business Practice(s)




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Excuse the noobish question but what is GBP
GBP is (from what I've gathered) a fairly old term that didn't take off, and has recently come around again.
GBP's are the opposite of EU's.
GBP's (Green Breast Plates [ie, Isenhearts]) are the common, see it all the time item, and refer to male D2'ers (more common.)
EU's (Elite Uniques) are the wonderful, amazing and all other good things, that aren't nearly as common as GBP's. EU's are the female D2 players (less common, but wonderful.)