Ultimate Zealer


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Ultimate Zealer

Ok, I've had this debate with 3 of my buds and nobody wants to admit they're wrong. I'll open this up to you guys. Wihtout telling you what they said (avoiding any bias *cough* nigma sux *cough*), let me know your ULTIMATE ZEAELER stuff.


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Aldragon said:
Ultimate Zealer stuff:

280 eth zoded death cleaver :clap: :clap: :clap:
Even the worst Grief BA is better and a fana-zealot has more than enough possibilities to get the extra 10% IAS which a perfectly bad Grief lacks.

280%ed zoded DC: 3.8*1.5*1.66*47.5 = 449 average damage (1.66 is from 66% chance for CS)

+340 Grief BA: (340+47.5)*1.2 = 465 average damage (1.2 is from 20% chance for CS)

+400 Grief BA: (400+47.5)*1.2 = 537 average damage

BTW, if you have other CS items as well, it will effectively add to Grief's damage to a greater extent.


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grief is nice and all, but it fecked the part that made zealots so fun to make, namely:
the huge arsenal of weapons which 'were' all viable.
but now grief pretty much fecked it up.


-jordy :king:


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This was one of the topics that came up. i think that the ebotdz kicks ass. My bud is firm with the griefpb and wont let it go. What do you guys think is better in the full meelee siuation?


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I dont know about grief's average dmg but i think 15% superior 400% botd BA has pretty good average? Or does grief pb win? grief has a HIGH min i heard


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I tried to do some calculations and it seemed that the average damage on the worst possible 'Grief' PB is slightly higher than the average damage on the best possible BOTD made in a 15% ED superior eth zerker.


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zeal = grief > everything else[/QUOTE]

I got grief pb and grief z, the pb has sexy mods, and z has ****, i can't test 'em properly... can anyone tell me which is better?


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I was going to make a grief warspike, decided against it fer my zealot..way too overpowered/cheesy. I chose a stormlash, a kinda noncookiecutter type weapon nowadays.

btw, he is lvl 82 with ga, zak, metalgrid, kiras, lash, dracs, tgods, gores, etc. 90 res all in hell is awesome.


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pvm: Etheral zodded stormlash
pvp: Grief PB or eth death cleaver (more classy)

pvm: Exile with resists
pvp: Exile with ar/ed
HoZ is also viable for both.

pvm: Highlord/ravens
pvp: Angelics (you will need those to hit)

CoA or gaze, both are viable for pvp or pvm.

Dracul's or steelrends

Gore riders (preferably upped)

Eth steel carapace
Eth Arakaine valor
Eth templar's might
Eth Gladiator bane
Eth Duress (it will break though)

In PvP you need good DR, preferably 50.
In PvM you need good resists, preferably maxed.
Socket your items accordingly (ums, bers)

Don't forget to use one item with 'cannot be frozen', either Raven frost in pvm or Cham something in PvP. Essential.

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jordy666 said:
grief is nice and all, but it fecked the part that made zealots so fun to make, namely:
the huge arsenal of weapons which 'were' all viable.
but now grief pretty much fecked it up.


-jordy :king:
I totally agree with you on this one. That's why I kind of hope Ladder Season 2 will never end, so the cheesy Griefs don't come over to nonladder.


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GREAT tips! Thanks!

I did some math on grief pb & grief z, and the grief PB with my planned setup is amazing! It hits the 4fps and does a whackload of damage! I seem to need 58 IAS (BOTD) to hit 4fps with the Z, but the grief does so much more damage, that it's mathematically rediculous to do anything else!

Grief Z does 2237.5 dmg and a Grief PB (hitting that extra fps) gives you 2684.6 dmg! 450dmg/sec difference! Heh, got me convinced! Now to prove it to my bud...

Also, before I forget, is the CoA worth the shoytload of str? I know I can Cham/Um or Cham/Ber it and replace a my raven with a bk,while maintaining the ar bonus from the angelic combo, but is it worth the str!? If it is, i may as well put on heavier armour!