Ultimate smiter gear?


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Ultimate smiter gear?

Ok I have read most of the 1 pt smiter guide, and im still a little lost...

My current smiter still gets owned in trist

388/70 LW
P coh
779 def 45 res exile sacred rondache
umed gul face
35 15 dungo
15 res all gc
14 19 anni

110 str
136 dex
rest vita
I think i have concluded I have too much str, when I first made I was broke so I couldnt be as exact with gear. I think im going to remake using max smite or should I stick with 1pt smite.

What would be your optimum gear? PRICE IS NOT AN OBJECT.

Eilo Rytyj

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There are many reasons why you'd get owned in uber trist, not just your stats and items. Your strength is just fine, not too high.

For example, do you run straight into the middle (and get killed), or edge carefully closer to the centre, waking only 1 uber at a time, then luring them back to take down?

You've met the 95% cap on CB (50% CB is more than enough), and have 2 sources of Life Tap, so you should kill the ubers fairly quickly and stay alive easily. If you use Dracul's Grasp (I don't see it there btw) then that's 3 sources of Life Tap, so it'll cast almost the second you start smiting.

Do you use Salvation against Meph? Unless you stack at least 100 above max, it's a MUST to keep yourself alive. Just 1 point will do. The CTC Fade on LW should fill your resists even more.

Honestly, you don't need any more gear than what you have. You may have to rethink your strategy.

EDIT: Look up some uber-trist videos on Youtube or something, to see how other people do it. It's really very educational, and it'll show you how to do it quickly and safely.


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thanks for the info im getting more resist all gc so i can max res against him.

any tips for trapping uber meph?

and yes i have dracs

would it be a good ieda to switch boots to goblin and helm to shako or something? maybe kiras...

Eilo Rytyj

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Your gear is fine as is. You don't need any more CB (from Goblin), since you're on 120% CB now, and any more than 95% CB is a waste. You can swap the helm for Kira's if you have it, but I don't think it's overly necessary.

Be sure that Fade from LW is cast before you go into trist. That should get you near max resists with your exile, coh and um in the helm. Fade will provide you with that little extra buffer zone, just in case you need it.

Once you enter the portal immediately head Northwest. It's safe there, you wont wake up the ubers until you go near the middle.

Like I said, the trick is luring each uber 1 at a time away from the middle, then killing it. Patience is the key, you don't want to slip up and wake all 3 of them up.

I usually start from where the Champion monsters are in normal Trist (remember where they are?), on the Northwest side of Tristram. Start by edging slowly forward between the 2 houses just left of the portal. Once you start seeing the skeletons come up from the ground, run back a bit away from the middle, and wait for Meph to chase you. Be sure to have Salvation on, then start Smiting him. With max resists+Fade+Salvation you should be able to tank Meph and the skeletons shooting at you. Use Rejuvs/Healing Potions if you get hurt before Life Tap triggers. Once Life Tap is up, you can just hold the mouse on him until he dies, Life Tap with a decent Smite damage will keep you alive. Clear up the skeletons when he dies with either Smite or Zeal, then it's on to the next uber, which is usually Baal. Do the same thing as with Meph, walk slowly toward the middle until you see the monsters coming up from the ground, then turn back and lure the next uber away. Be sure to keep mana potions in your belt for Baal, since he and the Ghosts will burn your mana away, making you do a slow normal attack instead of Smite when you run out of mana. Once Life Tap triggers again it's usually clear sailing. Once Baal is down you can usually just rush Diablo and start Smiting straight away. The faster you get it done the better. Those Pit Lords' Inferno and D's Lightning Hose can hurt without max fire and lightning resist, keep this in mind.


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You have gear that is far more expensive than most Uber runners and thus you should have little to no problems. So i have a few questions for you.

1) Are you using LW PB or LW BA ?

2) Do you usually end up spawning all 3 ubers at once ?

3) How is your resistances like ?

4) Do you actually use salvation ?
it's possible to do meph with negative res.... Wth are you doing? =/

Your gear is good enough. Just go kill them. Maybe switch out guallaimes for kiras, if you must... but seriously.

Eilo Rytyj

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Don't try to trap Meph or anything like that. It's a waste of time.

Just kill him outright and he's out of the picture. Seriously, with max CB and such high resists as you have, you should be able to Smite him down in less than 20 seconds. Let him chase you away from the middle, then kill him!!!

Life Tap will heal you to full life on every hit! Just hold the mouse on him until he dies!


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Don't bother trapping meph, just smite him till his dead.

seriously with gear like this you should be able to pwn ubers just by holding down smite button...

Big Boss

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as far as gear goes, i'd definately switch out that exile for a hoz...it really doesn't do you any good in trist. lw already has a good ctc life tap, and a much higher one than exile (lvl 18 compared to lvl 5...that can be really important when your getting meph down to a sliver, since your main source of damage, cb, is reduced greatly and you get smaller life returns). i'm really not a fan of the exile, i find its way over-rated and more for show (when made in a high res eth shield)...honestly, when your using a lw, the only useful thing an exile offers is +7 replenish life and the +5% max cold and fire res (considering your stacking enough to make use of it). a hoz offers you str if you need it, more vit, more res, more damage (slightly), and an open socket...but like Eilo Rytyj said, stragedy is important when facing the ubers, you should be able to do them pretty easily if you take them on 1 by 1.


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I think he just wants the def aura... But it won't matter much, monsters in ubertrist are at least lvl100 and above, they will hit you with ease if you are lvl80+.

But exile is not 100% useless, it can be a great combo when used with a EDeathz build.