ultimate rusher sorc?


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ultimate rusher sorc?

well, after rushing my brother around for rune drops with my godly but no enigma barb, i figured it's time to get speedy and build a sorc, and i come to you for advice on which build.

this sorc won't be intended to go through the whole game tackling every single area. she won't be used for much more than the regular stuff involved in rushing: andy, staff/amulet/arcane/duriel, trav/meph, chaos/diablo, baal

she doesn't even have to be able to solo act 4/5 on hell - we're stopping at forge, so up to act 3 only, but beyond that obviously doesn't hurt. just don't think that her life will be baal runs forever

as i'm teleporting around, i don't want anything to give her troubles, so i was thinking of going with max block and 50% damage reduction, and then a good life buffer..... or would energy shield be the way to go?

then what skills would fit those areas the best?

as for gear, i can get my hands on most uniques/sets, but i'm a bit limited with runewords....

i'll stop there and see what you guys have to say. thanks!


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Fastest rushing sorc, in my opinion, tends to be an Infinity Lightning/Nova sorc. But... it's kind of stupid and counterproductive to build that expensive a sorc (Infinity alone being four HRs) just to run forge when much cheaper builds can do it comparably quickly.

A Pure Blizzard sorc should be able to manage up to forge fine if I recall correctly. The only problem you may have is the damn Blood Lords while killing the council + any Flesh Spawners in forge area. But you can always do dual-tree BlizzBaller or Meteorb to get around that very easily. I don't think Blood Lords a big deal as long as you load up on fire resist gear, and Flesh Spawners, if they're really giving you trouble, can just remake a new game.

Normal and Nightmare are a non-issue, those will be breezed by like they're nothing. Hell... Andariel can be killed by anything... Duriel can be killed by anything so long as you have a merc tank... Meph again can be killed by anything. Don't have to fight the coldwurm for the staff of kings, just the stupid maggots around it to clear a path for rushed character, which are poison immune, not a problem for sorc. Summoner isn't immune.

Err... so yea, pure blizzard works, fastest for cheap builds, IMO, Meteorb or BlizzBaller probably easier to manage just in case.

You'll need nothing special in terms of gear for surviving. You can get through any of the areas just straight teleporting with 63 fcr, or better yet 105. Neither of which is hard to get to. WizSpike alone is 50fcr, or Occy for 30fcr, either of which you can probably get for just pgems if you look hard enough. Wall of the Eyeless and Magefist both can be gotten for pgems as well. WizSpike + Eyeless + Magefist already = 90. Two fcr on rings/ammy and you're at 105. Very little will hit you on the way teleporting through stuff. Highest str req is 45, so rest can be dumped into vit or energy for convenience. Leaves head body belt boots and one jewelry slot open to resists or +mana or +life. Cheap cheap stuff. Only thing to keep in mind is want loads of fire resist for council members (you can forgo fcr against them and just dump on two Dwarf Stars and some other fr gear).

If it's just your intent to make this character solely for rushing to forge: 45 str for Magefist, 75 dex for WizSpike, dump rest into energy or vitality as you see fit, and get the stuff for 105 fcr. Don't worry about block or ES or anything fancy, only things that can hurt you are Council if you don't have Fire resist and Andariel if you get sloppy and get hit by a stray mob after being poisoned badly. Take off your merc's weapon when porting around Hell Durance so he doesn't pop any dolls. Or just get him killed at council and moat trick Meph (he's served his purpose after Duriel anyway). All in all, you can make a rush character for like... less than a Pul.


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I have a meteorb that can do anything up to the forge in hell with relative ease, even with MF gear on. In my opinion, go meteorb, it's definitely one of the more powerful sorc builds, and quite versatile. She can hit all the good MF spots in Hell, and mine can farm T and H keys with ease. The only thing she can't do well at is running for D keys and soloing acts 4 and 5.


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I have a meteorb that can do anything up to the forge in hell with relative ease, even with MF gear on. In my opinion, go meteorb, it's definitely one of the more powerful sorc builds, and quite versatile. She can hit all the good MF spots in Hell, and mine can farm T and H keys with ease. The only thing she can't do well at is running for D keys and soloing acts 4 and 5.
I made a melee/caster sorc and she rocks. She can solo anything. A bit expensive lol but she works. Nothing is immune cause you use all 3 elements.
I use blizz for cold, lightning pulses and lightning dmg on CTA PB from Dual Dreams, and Fire dmg and AR comes from Enchant. Merc helps alot too with Infinity.



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Hey, Everyone,
How's it going?

I am reading this thread and will be following it as well, as I plan to build a rusher Sorceress once I get richer. I used to offer free rushes (a few every day) from normal to Hell difficulty to Diabloii.net members (as well as public members, sometimes), but am not just starting to play Diablo 2 again so do not have enough items to build this Sorceress yet.

-=MaStA ViC


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Hello guys, I made a Meteorb Sorceress, and i used her to boost people in hell...

She used Tals set, whistans guard (max block), Sorc Torch, Magefists, 2 ****ty rings, wts... switch was cta...

This set is around 5.5xist and is worth it all, but remember to have a good merc for killing those annoying FI and CI...

I used Obedience, Fortitude, Andy.... but he died a lot so now I'm getting an BotD and Eth Forti and Eth Andy.... this adds around 7-8xists...
So for a good rusher who can do act1-5 you should spend around 13.5xist, but then the fun begins aswell :)


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if your rushing on a budget then i think you might have some problems with a meteor-orb for acts 4 and 5 (i.e. diablo, ancients, minions,baal). i suggest a hammerdim for your biggest bang for buck if you can afford a nigma (nigma, ravenfrost, dwarf-star, treks, seprahs).. or a lite-orber sorc if you are looking for a 'rusher'. for mf'ing i suggest meteor-orb


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imo, meteorb (read sasjas guide)wearing full tals (fairly cheap), magefist, any caster shield, ravenfrost/dwarf rings will do what you want to do. As far as stats, DO NOT put any points into energy. Only enough str for gear, and if you go for max block enough dex pts for it (best shield imo for max block sorce = upped visceratuant (sp?)) And dump the rest into vitality. I wouldn't get a merc because hed cause problems while moating meph, and with tons of vit and max block u wont need him for duriel, just tele a lil bit. If you feel you have to spend more on her go for a storch and an anni. I think thats all..

If you go this route u can make a good rusher/baaler/whatever sorce for a little over 1 hr + cost of torch/anni if u want them.



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hey guys - yeah, i was thinking about sasjas build - versitile, and with max block for extra survivability.

i'm thinking right now that stormshield will be in order and i might go with verdungo's for max DR.

beyond that, just regular sorc stuff, but i'm going to aim for 16+ cold skills so i can leave mastery at 1 and still hit -100%. that'll give me a nearly fully synergized fireball/meteor (excluding inferno), as i could get firebolt to 17 if i were to ever get to 99.

still a bit more planning to do on equipment/stats, before i get started, but i'll let you know how it goes


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on second thoughts, storm and shako will give 45% DR which will be enough so i'll use arachnids


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The fastest rusher I've ever had was my nova sorc. I would just hold down right click and alternate between f1 and f2 (Nova/Teleport). Works wonders for norm/nightmare, and with fcr, it's probably the fastest you can get for those two difficulties. As for hell, the sorc was managable with frozen orb as a backup spell, but not as quite as good (obviously) as a meteorb would be; however she was still faster in hell during some parts.