Ultimate PvM build


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Ultimate PvM build

I'm really getting tired of the characters I have right now, they just cant kill the monsters I want to kill fast enough. I am really looking for a MF-ish character that can go through and kill meph, D, baal, etc without hardly any kind of fuss. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what class would be best for this? I'm thinking sorc but I can easily be wrong.
hammerdins aren't the most fun characters to play, but they are probably the most powerful pvm. hardly any monsters are magic immune, and even those that are can be killed once you reach a high enough blessed hammer lvl. (or with a merc) the only catch is they're expensive – at least they are if you want to be able to solo baal easily.


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Shako(PT), Maras, Enigma, HoZ, WT's, Nagels, Hoto, magefist, arach.
thats 74+1% pr lvl+50+30+30=269%mf(assuming lvl 85) then add up a reasonable amount of charms = easy 400mf which should be plenty :) you could also do alibaba (ist-ist) + rhyme on switch for the final kill on bosses for ubergosu mf :)
i mf with mine sometimes. for baal runs i kill minions with my normal gear, sliver baal and tp to town to switch to full mf gear.

normal gear:

achron enigma
ptopaz shako
2 soj
war travs
cta and spirit on switch for bo

mf gear:

ali baba
rhyme shield
war travs
rare mf ammy
2 nagel

with gheeds and some 7% mf small charms i'm around 650+ mf when i kill baal.


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Nothing beats a decked out hammerdin with enigma when it comes to fast killing speed with no weaknesses (immunities).