ultimate franzy barb uber gear?


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ultimate franzy barb uber gear?

hi guys!
i had a mf sorc till now (700 MF :grin: ) and i wanna start ubering, i was thinking about going for a franzy barb so...
i was wondring..
what is the ultimate uber gear 4 franzy barb?

10x :D


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Hey, check out the search function on the forum. It pretty much gives you the answers.

Basically, swords/ axes are best for runewords. Maces are ok as weapons; the best maces being uniques, namely stormlash.

Armor: stats/ resists/ DR is nice.

You can get pretty much a pure vit barb with this build, so keep that in mind when choosing gear.

CB is good.. but to a certain degree.


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Here is what i use myself...
Helm - Arreats face
Armor - Fortitude AP
Weap 1 - eBotd cb
Weap 2 - Grief cb
Gloves - Draculs Grasp
Boots - War Trav(looking to get Gore riders though)
Belt - String of Ears
Ring 1 - Ravenfrost
Ring 2 - BK

Of course i have an Anni and a BTorch along with a few small poison charms and + skill charms


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I'd say the ultimate would be

-edeath zerk perfect ed
-Perfect beast zerker-P coa with 2 40/15 ias jewels
-enigma (i like the frw too much to use anything else) ,Low str fort,Perfect Tyreals (style factor)
-highlords ammy
-1x perfect raven frost
-Godly LL,resist,dex,str etc ring of some sort..
-Perfect verdungos
-Perfect goreriders
-Perfect draculs

Get a might merc from a2 and you're set.


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id agree with projecthate for most of the gear cept crown of ages and id go for forti for armour. id use arreats face and instead of a verdungs (cause u dont need DR% for mephi and the other 2 are pansies) use a belt with decent resists. No point bothering with a merc for ubers cause they die, no matter what you equip them with.
instead fo beast id use eBotDz cause it doesnt break mid-way through and you will get great speed, stat boost, and damage with it.


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Healm: GFace
Amulet: Highlords
Armor: Fortitude
Weapon 1: eBotD
Weapon 2: eDeath
Gloves: Draculs
Belt: Verdungos
Boots: Goreriders
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Beautiful crafted/rare ring with LL/stats/resists/etc

Pretty much the same setup as projecthate suggested, but with a couple of tweaks in particular areas. GFace is perfect for the Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow and FHR, moreso than Arreat's if you ask me. BotD and Death is the best available combo because of how fast BotD is to increase your attacked speed, while Death holds all of the mods important for uber-fighting.

Spankeh has always talked about using Lawbringer as a switch weapon in order to cast Decrepify, so he doesn't use Dracul's as gloves because he doesn't want competing curses. I have yet to try this so I can't comment on its effectiveness, but he swears by it. Something to think about.


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Hey, thanx for the PM

First up, my frenzier set up for ubers is quite advanced, so most ppl on the forums really dont have the knowledge to see what im even talking about, so totally go with the herd, and go with dracs.

To be honest, ubers ARE hard without lifetap, and if you attempt to do it without specific items, yes u will get ownd. And ownd FAST.
Those that dabble with ubers, as a frenzier without lifetap, get ownd so hard, they post up on the forums rather quickly, to say youd be mad to not equip dracs (or Last Wish weapon)

Lets get the basics down first:

Lifetap only does one thing, but to its credit, does it VERY well, and that is steel life EXTREMELY quickly with each hit, and with each hit 50% of the damage the monster receives goes to your life bulb.
While getting bashed around in ubertrist by physical, elemental, and magic damage pretty hard, and quite frequently, most see lifetap as a godsend.

90% of ppl who think lifetap is a godsend, dont really know what a frenzier actually needs. They may have some idea, while playing around with different weapons while baaling or general game play, but when it comes to ubers, most ppl get pwnd, and resort to lifetap to stay alive.

It comes down to understanding what is actually going on in there (ubertrist), and what are the strengths and weaknesses of a frenzier are.

Frenzy is ALL offence. There is nothing about a frenzier that is defence. In fact, its defence is how strong its offence is, and nothing else.

Back to lifetap, and as you and me know, its a defensive curse. It keeps u alive. Although it does this EXTEMELY well, it doesnt do anything else.
The reason that ppl need lifetap, to solve a (unkown to the player) poorly built barb.
A player can do many things to stuff up an uberbarb build, and usually include:
Poor skill placement (number 1 reason)
Poor item selection (number 2 reason)
Poor charm selection (number 3 reason)
Poor attribute placement ( number 4 reason)

A poorly built barb includes:
Low damage
Low Life
Low attack rating
Low physical and elemental resists
Hi defence <--- due to wrong skill placement
Low crushing blow
Low deadly strike
And also importantly, low leech

If you can increase everything to Hi in the above, then u will uber well.

To do this, we:
Ditch Dracs, and add Laying of hands. This does 350% damage to ubers add ias to weapon speed plus 50% fire res.
What this means is, we trade defensive curse (lifetap from dracs) for 350% more damage to ubers.
With no curse over ubers, (no lifetap) we can go about looking for a different curse to BETTER help a frenzier.
And after about 9 months of looking at ALL the curses in the game, Decrepify is the number 1 curse a frenzier needs to fight ubers, and heres why.

Decrepify does 3 things.
1) Reduces enemy speed|attack etc by 50%. This means any monster in ubertrist (that is cursed) now hits you half as much as b4, effectively halving the damage you will recieve in a given time. Since all cursed monsters are slowed, any of the varing types of damage you recieve, be it physical|elemental|magic is halved. Try and find a skill that will do that all in one. Dont bother you wont find 1, since ive already checked, except holy freeze, but thats all holy freeze does. Decrepify does 2 more things.
2) Reduces enemies damage by 50%
So not only does decrep slow them down, but when they eventually hit you with whatever type of damage (physical|elemental|magical) that damage is reduced by 50%. So in other words, the damage that leaves an enemy is halved, b4 your physical |elemntal| magical resists are even checked.
That is a massive bonus, MASSIVE!
3) And finally, decrepify, reduces enemies physical resists by 50%. Here is where we actually gain killing speed from our weapons, and since we just ditched dracs for Laying of hands, we are waaaaay ahead of someone "surviving" on lifetap.
If decrepify didnt have that 3rd "attribute" this whole discussion wouldnt exsist. Seriously.

Another bonus of this -50% enemy resists, which complements a frenzier in ubertrist is, life leech is calculated by how much damage an enemy recieves.
So if the enemy has half its physical resists reduced, then the amount of life leech is effectively doubled.If your items for your frenzier have lots of leech built into them, you will find that each hit on an enemy, gives you "lifetap" style leech.
And because mana leech is affected by enemies physical resists, it is also doubled, unlike lifetap, which only affects life. (not mana, obviously)

"End of part 1 message"​


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Part 2 Message​

Next we need to discuss items:

Arreats: Skills|Resists|Att rating bonus| 6%ll| boost to strength and dex
Find a 6% ll for obvious reasons.
There really is no other alternative for a frenzier. Crown of Ages suits a pvp ww'er, but could be useful because of hi DR and 2 socks. But we are after hi as leech as possible.
Chains of Honour Archon Plate: You cannot beat this armor for ubers. It has everything a frenzier needs. Fort is no good because it has no damage reduction, skills, life leech, or high enough resists for mephisto's conviction aura.
Rings: 2x 20|240+ Ravenfrosts
If it only had life or life leech it would be godly. U will need the 40 total to dex so u can equip items, and therefor more into vita, but more importantly the boost to attack rating and the 40% cold absorb.
Belt: Perfect Upped String Of Ears. I would normally go Verdungos, but verdungos' faster hit recovery aint needed in ubers, but i will miss the +40 vita = 120 life AFTER BO.
What u gain with ears is, 8% ll and 15 magic damage reduction. Look for|trade perfect ears: 8%LL 15% DR 15MDR and then up them for more defence, if your feeling rich.
Ammy: Hilords. ias skills lite res deadly strike. No other options here sorry.
Boots: Im trying to find something better than Gore Riders, but im failing after 2 years of searching. Frenzy needs openwounds to counter ubers astronomically fast regen rate, something i miss after loosing dracs to Laying of hands.
Deadly strike and Crushing blow essential. since gores have -25% requirements, use this bonus to upp them to elite, if your feeling rich. I did on my 200% upped gores.

Charms: 2-3x Masteries GC's with 30+ life
These masteries charms boost damage attack rating resists and defence. The life second mod boosts well after BO
6-7x 120+AR|30life GC's gotta get your attack rating up to 15000 as a minimum
7x 20life|20+ att rating sc's and/or 20 life|10+ res sc's
Anni and barb torch, preferably 18+18+ on both


ebotd and edeath

switch weapons:

grief pb and lawbringer pb

Cast that damn decrep curse FAST, or you will be potting purples quickly.
Good thing about Lawbringer, is it knocks all the physical immune wraiths backwards, while your hits connect with the 3 uberdemons. via the Santuary aura.
Once you switch back to main killing weapons, these damn immunes start coming back, and youll need to hottab to howl a few times to get them off your back.
After awhile switch back to lawbringer to keep casting decrep, which knocks back the undead, so they become less of a nuisance.
Having Grief with Lawbringer does excellent damage on ubers, while u are waiting to cast decrep.
Main weapons do most damage especially edeath because of hi crushing blow and deadly strike.

In my build, i have chosen swords, because lawbringer cant be made in axes. Since Lawbringer doesnt have any enhanced damage, its best to make it in a phaseblade because its FAST and indestructable.
Grief is supreme in a pb.
This leeds me to my main weapons, and although axes do slightly higher damage, i wont spend points in 2 masteries, so i have made them in colossal blades.
ebotdcb and edeathcb now complete my 4 swords which are all indestructable.
The colossal blades almost hit the last break point, but this is the only sacrifice i have made to this build.
By having sword mastery maxed, Lawbringer now has a much higher attack rating, and therfor higher chance to cast decrepify while in ubers.

Stash items: 4x WC GC's | 2x 3BO daggers | 2x jordans | 1x spider | 4x bo helm
all up youll have a life of 6600 HP's. Enough to survive hits from everything.


Every monster in ubertrist has a positive drain effect, except one. Mephisto
He has a zero drain affect. So even with max LL you still wont get life back.
Here, youll have to use Red Super life pots. Its, unfortunately, unavoidable.
But since the amount of damage he deals is heavily reduced, youll survive.

If decrepify doesnt cast quickly, youll be potting frequently. This build is extreme offence, but you will be rewarded with the fastest killing, highest damaging, frenzier for killing ubers than anyone else. This build isnt for the faint hearted, and i recommend you do a few runs with lifetap, before wondering in.

Finally, Im building my merc to survive ubertrist at the moment.
To complement a frenzier, the following is what Im trying out.

Act 2 Blessed aim Merc and/or Act 2 Might Merc
Blessed aim at lvl 20 gives 330%+ to att rating.
Remember, the more you hit, the more damage you do, and the more life you leech
Weapon: edoom thresher: lvl 12 freeze aura, is going to add even more safety by slowing them all to a crawl, even b4 decrep is casted.
Armor: ebugged CoH Archon Plate: Same reason as why frenzier to wear.
Helm: eth andariels visage, with ber rune.
Anyway, ive rambled on enough, pm me for any questions.

GG have fun :thumbsup:​


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First up, my frenzier set up for ubers is quite advanced, so most ppl on the forums really dont have the knowledge to see what im even talking about, so totally go with the herd, and go with dracs.



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I've built my frenzy barb as close to Spankeh's setup as possible. I've run ubers with him now a few times, without trouble. I've got most of the gear, but not all of the right charms, and you can still make substitutions that don't do anything except make killing the ubers take just a little longer. Sometimes I wear a BK instead of the second Raven, and I have in the past used Drac's instead of LoH...either way everything still dies fast. Hell, even if you leave the PBs in without switching back and forth, if you're lazy, it all still dies...


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the idea of using Lawbringer for übertrist isn't really new, a guy named acceleration turkey and i have been using it since the start of this season.

I prefer to use Lawbringer with eDeath, even if Lawbringer doesn't have any ed. I use bo sticks on switch. I have done über trist many times with that set-up and the rest of my gear wasn't godly at all.

I was using angelic combo too, to keep my attack rating up in the 15k range. I didn't have any godly charms at this point (not even 2 weeks into the new ladder). Gores and Duress for crushing blow and open wounds (the latter being as important as the former).

Check this out:

Always using Lawbringer keep the undead monsters in über trist at bay too, which is so great. Also you can just use normal frenzy vs undead monsters that are physical immune since it will deal magical damage.


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thank you all guys for all the help and spacially for you Spankeh, i have a little pressure (cause i learn for my EMT in less then 2 weeks) but as soon as ill finish this im jumping on your sugestions...
why wouldn't you write a guide for a godly frenzy barb, i'm sure alot of ppl will be glad to learn from ur EXP...
ill let you know in a few weeks how am i doing with my barb (hope ill do uber quickly :grin: )


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Hey no probs Zalc, good to see others trying better options. I never claimed to be the first, just discovered it this season on my own.

Ill write a guide 1 day, but ash's guide is pretty hard to beat


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Hey no probs Zalc, good to see others trying better options. I never claimed to be the first, just discovered it this season on my own.

Ill write a guide 1 day, but ash's guide is pretty hard to beat
haha no problems, that was just for telling you that you were following my "herd"

just kidding :smiley:

Glad to see others aren't only using cheesy runewords like grief

I think you should write a guide about frenzy barbs in Ãœber trist, you seems qualified for that



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Spankeh, what is your base stats layout?
checked the pb dex and it was as high as 135
was wondering how much stats u put in urs....


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I spent 35 in Strength (from base 30) giving me new base of 65
I spent 10 in Dexterity (from base 20) giving me new base of 30
I spent rest in Vitality (from base 25) giving me total of 527
Thats at lvl 94

I have a few GC's and LC's that give about 11 Str and 6 Dex both with 125+ AR | 78+ AR, so that helps pretty well to limit non vita spending.

You could probably get away with spending 60 strength. (i might have over spent on strength by 5 points, iirc)


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u spent 35 on str and 10 on dex, and you use all the items u said on the barb???
the gear gives you the rest u need? or its torch anni and charms?


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u spent 35 on str and 10 on dex, and you use all the items u said on the barb???
the gear gives you the rest u need? or its torch anni and charms?
Yup, with anni torch and charms, and i spent 30 on strength (i just checked it) giving new base of 60 strength

Pretty good, eh.



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i got another question, if im getting eth colossus sword how many sockets will lazrok add to it? 6 or 5?
i need this for the eDeath im trying to make...
plz answer only some1 that knows and tryed it himself, this sword is hard to get :)


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You can't have a Colossus Sword get 6 sockets. Max is five, so that's how many Larzuk will give you.

Just make sure it's a SWORD and not Colossus BLADE. Colossus BLADE will get six from Larzuk.