uke introduction


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uke introduction

sorry about the other post, pretty rude of me to not introduce myself :(

well, where do i start...

i'm a Jap living in Australia, i been playing D2 since the day it was released, started playing solo about 1.09 (for the usual reasons of lag, hack, etc)

when 1.10 came out, soloing seemed so much harder to do (to me anyways), so quit the game for a while, but then found this forum (site?) with all the guides and you ppls' entertaining posts, and got hooked back into the world of D2 again :)

right now i'm just getting back into it, making cookie-cutter builds, seeing how they survive in hell. got a lv92 pure blizz sorc MFing, and doing up a hammerdin atm

my aim is to complete 'the grail', which i started from scratch again in 1.10.
if i have anything left over, i will try to give away as much as i can

that's about it, nice meeting you guys :D


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as I said before, welcome to the SPF uke :lol:

have a drink on me at the EMB :drink:



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Hiya uke,

nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay here at the SPF and get your welcome drink at the EMB - on the house of course! Be sure to read the FAQ and, if you haven't done so already, to get ATMA.

Oh, I almost forgot: Beware of wild animals!


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Hiya and welcome :howdy:

Good luck on your "Grail", it's not an easy task...

Enjoy your stay.


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Welcome to the SPF! Enjoy your stay. I'm sure you will. :)

PS. If that Azurewrath's up for trade, PM me. :p


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Welcome and Enjoy!

As for myself, I just decide to make a own self find grail....
All the stuff I have found previously has mixed with those traded item... :(


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Greetings, Uke, and welcome to our forums. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques.

Seeing as you're living in Australia, we'll claim you as one of our own.

While you're here, feel free to drop by at the local forum bar, the EMB, for a quiet drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.