Uhm.. question about a grand charm


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Uhm.. question about a grand charm

since I've been waiting on a reply all day in the trade forum..

would a +1 martial arts/+20 life grand charm be a good trade for an eth war pike? o_O


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Try do a PC in the trade forum, some PvP players may offer good for that charm.


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IMO, that charm isn't worth much.
It is only +1 martial arts skills ... which will limit you to only 1 skill tree ... the (IMO) least popular skill tree of (IMO) the least popular chartacter class.

So ... what you are offering doesn't hold value but to a small portion of players. On top of that, you are limiting what you are expecting for a trade. If you have it, and don't need it ... just tell people to make offers.

If you are set on needing the pike ... make a list of items you would offer for it.
Just some suggestions.

Edit - My apologies. I neglected to mention the +20 life. Adding 20 to life can be made in multiple areas. It really holds no bearing on the charms value. Again, IMO.


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Questions like this belongs in the Trade Value Forum, and only there. Don't repeat your questions in the Community Forum. To the rest of the posters, you shouldn't encourage this. Check out the Trade Value Forum from time to time if you don't mind helping people out with trade value questions.