Ugh... someone please help... I just got a death berserker axe and it SUCKS!


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Ugh... someone please help... I just got a death berserker axe and it SUCKS!

So i just traded for a 378% Death runeword zerker axe..... it has a stat on it i was looking forward to.... 20% BONUS TO ATTACK RATING. So with my grief i have 15k ar.... and with death i have............. 16k ar....... this really aggrovates me since i was anticipating around 18-19k with death. anyone know why it doesnt give me 20%?


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Bonuses to ar from equipment probably aren't enhanced and I'm not sure about ar from bonus dex from equipment as well. It's like bonuses to min/max damage not being affected by %ed on weapons.


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so hmm, whats the bonus on then.... because Im using 2x angelic rings + ammy.... they add 1000+ ar per ring... and in the dmg screen each 1000 on a ring adds about 5k overall. but i dont understand what exactly im getting the bonus on.


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You're getting another 20% bonus AR to the skill AR bonus of the skill you're using. If you're using a skill with a big AR bonus, another 20% doesn't mean a lot.


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To extend helvete's response, consider the following (I'm making up numbers here):

* You have 1000 attack rating
* Your attack skill and mastery combine to give 500% bonus to your attack rating.
* You now have 6000 attack rating
* Now add an additional 20% bonus from "Death"
* You now have 6200 a.r., an apparent increase of 3.33%

Edit: D'oh, gotta re-upload the 'tar yet again... ah well...