Ugh, Not What I Expected


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Ugh, Not What I Expected

So my GF Barb is 80 now...but he only does 4k and 2k with Frenzy (EBotD and Beast). And he doesn't seem to get much Gold...Find Item doesn't do anything for me except the occaisional Potion or something.

Yes I do use Find Item with 900 GF.

What's going on?

Freezing Rain

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1. I used ww , he is a raging success
2. You are doing HELL trav right?
3. You need maxed item find for the 50%+ to find items, otherwise its a major gamble.
4. 900? I use 2000 and i get 400-500k a run off hell trav.


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Nope. Well my Find Itamz is up to 42% but I don't want to level anymore. And I only have 55 Fire Res and like 17 or 27 Light Res. I have space for 4 more GCs-GF or Res?

Yeah my damage completely sux0rs. It takes me like 10 secs of continuous button pressing to kill a Oblivion Mage in an 8 Player Baal Run...


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JK! He finds 300-400k per run! Yay! But I still find getting frozen is annoying -_-. Also, my AR is 4k...

Any helps?

I have 3 GC spaces (12 Slots for Charms) open


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aZNx05J3 said:
Thank you!


But I've gotten 0 Circs with Skill and FCR together...and I've spent over 10 Million Gold. If any of you get nice Circs from Gambling, could you tell me about how much GOld you spent? Btw I only did Atma quests and I don't have Gheed's or Edge.

Aiming to get specific skills on a specific item can become very tedious.What you should to is trade the good items you get then hopefully trade for the circlet you want.

However Ive seen +2 ,FCR plus resists headgear go for as much as 5-6 ists on HCEuL so the rarity of gambling such an item is in the same low percentage as finding say a vex on the floor. :(

A +1 20FCr low level circlet is a more likely find and of course duellers will pay highly for such items too.

I gamble about 10million a week and get maybe a good dozen +2 +3 skill circlets worth trading and maybe 1 or 2 rare +2 circlets which I keep for my characters.

Btw an edge bow will save you millions on its own and a very low gheeds you could get for perhaps a shael.

monte cristo

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I'd remove the screenshot. It shows some really bad numbers on the right of every item's name that this forum doesn't like very much.

Btw.. Just for comparison, run nightmare travincal for a change with two 5lem runemasters. Also, 1 dwarf + 1 raven for cbf is an option.


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I read somewhere here that you need to be at least lvl **, or 9x at best, to get the circlets with mods desired by you more frequently.

I may be wrong though.


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Goldfind barbs should stick to hell travincal. Even in a private solo game a high goldfind barb with level 5+ find item can easily haul in 300-400k gold. I don't bother GFing in other areas of hell because it involves too much clicking and exploring (yes i'm lazy).