ubers build


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ubers build

Well my necro is pretty much complete and now me and a friend want to start doing the Ubers, im wondering what build would be best. Price is not too limited, but for staters we are gonna get as much gear as we can from the anni we about to get
(diablo walked the earth last night, but we gotta wait until to night to fight him)
so here's my best guess as to what the barb should wear, but if you have other input, please make changes and state why the changes are better.

boots=war trav
rings=sojs?dwarf star?
ammy==2-3 barb skills

no weapons on switch, any input for an ubers build would be appreciated
and i know barbs cant solo ubers, he will be accompanied by my necro, so the barb wont be targeted

Flayed One

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excuse me?... barbs can't solo uber trist?... you must have been missinformed.. people succesfully soloed buertrist with paladins(smiters,zealots) barbs(frenzy... probably double swing could do it too(, druids(fury, hunger), assasins(monk, and probably other builds utilising the use of dragon talon... probably a dragon claw assasin could do it too), amazons(fend,jabberzons), and summon necros... the only class that would probably find it (almost) impossible to do it is a sorceress, but there still have been reports of people doing it.

first of all i recommend against whirlwind. You'll need life tap, and ctc effects don't work with it. Of course, if you're gonna only do ubers with your friend, you can count on him casting lifetap, but it's impractical and unneeded. Use frenzy or double swing barb.

I recommend such gear:

weapon 1: "Oath" berserker axe (eBotD if you can afford it)
weapon 2: "Death" berserker axe (Last Wish if you can afford it)

with those weapons, you're almost set. You have high speed+high crushing blow attack. If you got "Last Wish" you also have ctc Life Tap as well as ctc Fade for some more resistances. If you don't have Last Wish you need to get Draculs Grasp for gloves. I recommend them anyway, since:
1 - there is never enough ctc life tap:tongue:
2 - they provide "open wounds" mod, which is needed to stop ubers regeneration.

all other gear is actually optional, but would be great if you had some stacked resists. Arreats + Chains of Honor is a good, but expansive combo. You can also use some lower armor with resists and other nice bonuses( gloom, lionheart, smoke, duress...)(best socket arreats with um)

You'll need one raven, for Cannot Be Frozen mod. The other ring choice is left to you... would be great if it was a resists ring. the best choice for an ammy would probably be Highlords as ussual. Along with Goreriders boots it will provide a good chance to cause a deadly strike, although it probably won't be needed since you'll leech life vvery fast anyway, and most of your damage to ubers will come from crushing blow. Some +resist all ammy and nice resist boots would be great depending on your other gear.

Some general pointers:
you need to have:
-high life(since you have no block and probably not much damage reduce)
-high resists( probably max is almost needed... you could get by without max but it'll be much easier if you have max. Also some stacked resists against mephs conviction would be nice.It isn't that difficult with Fade and Natural Resists)
-Crushing blow(generally any crushing blow will do, but the more you have the faster ubers will die)
-Open wounds(needed only for stopping ubers regeneration)
-Life Tap(so that you can leech enough to stay alive against them without problems)

now build the barb, and go get'em tiger...:evil:


Frenzy barb can clear ubers easily.

Here are a couple of links to get you started.

Basically all you need is crushing blow, life tap and a little bit of mana leech to keep you swinging. Last wish is a good runeword weapon; made to take on ubers.

The links should cover most of your questions.


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your gear questions:
rings: dwarf star for diablo
wisp for meph
and nethin you want for baal
and obviosly always have a ravenfrost on cause he cold slowing is annoying(though not fatal)
belt should be dungos
switch war trav with gores and coh with fort or nigma unless you really need resists that bad


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Fort resistance aint high enough (for ubers)
Fort had no life leech
Fort has no damage reduction
Fort has no boost to strength (for equipping other items)
Fort has no boost to skills

CoH all the way for ubers


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Fort resistance aint high enough (for ubers)
Fort had no life leech
Fort has no damage reduction
Fort has no boost to strength (for equipping other items)
Fort has no boost to skills

CoH all the way for ubers
ok....I like the input, but neither i nor anybody else mentioned fort, o well
and flayed one..wow..i never meant to offend anybody, but last time i checked
only summoners and smiters could solo it, and the last time i check was a while ago so i guess a bunch has changed

for those who are wondering, im gonna be the one with the necro, he will be the one with the barb, and from what i can tell dual weapons are better than weapon/ss?
cuz he really wants to use ss, but if frenzy is the best build vs ww, then we can change around the gameplan for now

keep the input rolling



The thing is, if he uses SS, he can't frenzy. Frenzy is by far the best attack for ubers. WW might be okay since you have a nec casting lifetap, but WW itself won't cast lifetap.


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If you can't frenzy just use concentrate. I've went into tristram 2 times already with my ww/conc barb. He uses ebotd cb + ss. Along help with my hammerdin friend for creep control. We can kill baal/diablo easily without trouble. For Meph, I just put on a tgod and we're set to go.

Helm: Arreats, NOW Guilliumes
Armor: Duress (lolol) until i can afford coh
Rings: P RFrost, Leech/Fcr/Resist ring.
Shoes/Gloves: Dracs, Gores
Torch/Anni and a few max/ar/whatever scs.

My resist are easily maxed with or without anni. Unless meph's conviction comes in. He'll stand ground okay against the ubers. Only time I die is when life tap doesn't kick in. I usually use my life tap stick just incase.

Hope it helps.


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Fort resistance aint high enough
(for ubers)
however it does have nice max res for light dmg which is the only attack u need stack vs. Also items like treachery, and Kira should give u enough res anyway vs mephisto.

Fort had no life leech
once u got an item like string of ears ur fine plus leech is useless vs ubers only lifetap is efficent

Fort has no damage reduction
not much dr is needed on a pvp barb period + uber trist does more elemental dmg than physical which is fact, and even if there was forti still has a defence edge.

Fort has no boost to strength (for equipping other items)
So u might as well state use enigma + he will have enough str coming from points and gear to equip his heaviest item.

Fort has no boost to skills
+ skill is almost useless on a barb expecept when it comes to adding to ur bo lvls the dmg increase u get from say a 2+ skill is not even noticeable compared to 1.5k-2k dmg increase u get from a forti armour.

CoH all the way for ubers
Also Duress is another great armour as its adding CB which is important and i would only recommend CoH if ur struggling for res.

Whirlwind will not work because u simply cannot leech well off the ubers so u will be chugging too much blue potsand burn out quick.



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What if the tap runs out? Switch and cast again? That might be a bad idea since you are probably surrounded by 50 things now.


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LOL that is the biggest debate about lifetap.

do i use dracs and other items or the wand.

both have ups and downs.

Pro Wand
You know that you are going to get the lifetap period.

Con Wand
You have to switch between your weapon and the wand.
If it runs out you can be screwed.

Pro Dracs
No charges to have to be replaced has all around good stats.

you have a percent chance to get lifetap going if it doesn't work
you are screwed however once it is active you have a good chance in
keeping it active.

it all depends. the wand is more consistant however it also is on a timer.
the gloves while can be erractict can reactivate themselves without switching.


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but my necro will be there to cast life tap, the barb doesnt need to worry about that, the barb will never solo ubers, he will always go in with the necro, so curses and the like don't need to be covered by the barb


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wtf is this craze about drac's? Just cast lifetap from a wand and use LAYING.
Agreed. Open wounds on dracs is nice, but you all seem to be forgetting that it will be a nec/ barb combo doing ubers, not just the barb. The nec can cast life tap. Laying of Hands does loads of extra damage to Undead and to Demons ( need I remind you that all of the monsters in uber trist are either demons or undead minions? ) Laying of Hands for the win!