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UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by UberB, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. UberB

    UberB IncGamers Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

    Okay, before I start writing this guide I'd like to make a few points clear. First of all, this is my first attempt at a guide, and maybe some people are thinking I'm a bit ambitious. I'm open to constructive criticism. (I know my formatting is just downright ugly, I'm not very artistic) Second of all, this build is not original. I based this off of Pravda's V/T guide as well as ideas from countless other posters here. The reason I am writing this guide is because Pravda's guide is outdated, and even doing a google search does not give you an in-depth, up-to-date guide with reasons on why the gear is the best. So I wrote this guide to hopefully answer the doubts on V/T's. V/T's are generally smite first, foh second while T/V's are the opposite. In my book both are the same.

    Pro's of a V/T
    You can't be fully absorbed
    You can do pvp, pvm and ubers
    You will force others to stack
    There is no build that you cannot beat
    You won't need mana pots unless you tele around a lot

    Con's of a V/T
    This is a hybrid build, if for some reason you don't like hybrids then avoid this build.

    This is a Paladin build, I know there are people out there who absolutely detest Paladins:rolleyes:.

    Playing a V/T isn't as hard as playing a BvC for example, or a WW sin. If you are one of those who like steep learning curves, maybe you should avoid this build.

    Skill Distribution
    My version of the V/T has a different skill layout than others. This is sort of a templar first, but you will end up with a strong smite and a strong foh.

    20 points into FoH
    20 points into Holy Shock
    20 points into Fanaticism
    0-1 in conviction (will be explained)
    1-20 smite (will be explained)
    1-20 holy shield (will be explained)
    1 in prereqs (namely charge, which allows you to desynch around and get close to your opponent quickly. You'll also have about 5000 AR which is good for those annoying bowzons, sorcs, etc. It's not out of the question that you can one-hit kill those builds.)

    Why only one point into conviction? Well, think of it this way. There are two types of duelers: ones that stack and ones that don't. The ones that stack will make your foh useless, no matter how much conviction you have. The ones that don't will be slaughtered even without a level 25 conviction. Besides, you'll have enough +skills to make your conviction -100 or so, which is enough to turn positive resists into negative.

    Smite or Holy Shield, which is better? Well, your smite weapon will be a Grief, so smite gives more damage than holy shield. However, after pvp penalties and DR are factored in, the difference is minimal. Holy Shield also adds blocking, but with your +skills, you'll have hit the diminishing returns even with one point, so you end up with only 2% extra blocking if you max it. You get a lot of defense, though. Keep in mind that the only chars who rely on passing your defense that are a threat to you are Barbs and WW-sins. I play on a private realm with no dupes, and is closer to where I live (less lag), and on my realm there are very little BvC's or WW-sins, so I chose to max smite. You will probably end up maxing holy shield.

    Helm: Harlequin Crest or Griffon's Eye, depending on your preference. I chose Griffon's for the extra foh damage. Keep a BerBEr CoA in your stash when you really need the DR.

    Armor: Ideally Enigma for the teleportation. CoH is a choice if you want resists but is inferior to Enigma IMO. Poorer players should go with a Shaftstop for the gigantic 30% DR.

    Weapon 1: Grief, make this in a phase blade for no IAS requirement. YOU MUST have this as a smiter weapon, the +340-400 is ridiculous and nothing comes close. You WILL get slaughtered if you do not use a Grief these days.

    Shield 1: Up'ed HoZ, pdiamond for the resists or Ber for the DR.

    Weapon 2: Call to Arms, make this in a scepter with at least +3FOH, +1 conviction. The conviction will save you skill points. +3FOH is okay. Ideally would be a +3FOH, +3Conviction, just like the foh sticks. This is your foh weapon, keep in mind that CtA also gives +1 to all skills.

    Shield 2: HoZ, don't need to up this but it's recommended. Again, socket with pdiamond or ber. Hoz gives lots of +skills which really boosts your foh damage. Keep a 4 socket pally elite shield with as high base resists as possible, and socket with 4 ptopazes, for stacking against annoying FoH'ers.

    Shield 3: Spirit in a 2 x 2 pally shield, any stats will do. These are purely for BO. Keep in inventory or cube.

    Gloves: Dracul's for the lifetap, if they are BM then use Bloodfists.

    Belt: Verdungo's by default, keep a snowclash and a T-god's in your stash for some sorb.

    Rings: Raven Frost, BK. Stash a few wisp projectors for good measure.

    Boots: Treks are recommended for good stats and FHR. Keep hotspurs in your stash for sorbing.

    Amulet: Mara's for the +skills and resists.

    Inventory: Anni, Torch, combat skillers until you feel your FOH is powerful enough, then fill the rest with lifers.

    PvM Strats: Use zeal in conjunction with fanat and grief to kill things. If you find a PI switch to foh and blast them into oblivion. To do ubers, wear a Guillaume's Face, Gore riders, Dracul's. You can use Duress if you want. Prebuff with Treachery and kill ubers like normal. Obviously use your Grief PB and Hoz.


    Strength: Enough for gear, make sure you can wear all your gear, including your ubers gear.

    Dexterity: Enough for max block with holy shield on.

    Vitality: The rest.

    Energy: Nothing.

    Prebuffing strategy: switch to foh setup. Switch to Spirit shield. Cast Battle command twice and battle orders once. Switch spirit to hoz. Cast holy shield.

    PvP Strats
    Here I will try to give some advice on pvp. I haven't dueled all the builds here but I'll give the best advice I can. If you want to be godly, go out and duel with your character and learn from your mistakes. You definitely won't learn it from me. I will only list the common builds.

    Note: I assuming that you are duelling in pubs, and that anything goes. Stack to your heart's content. After all, we went to great lengths to make a hybrid, unabsorbable build so that we can duel all opponents.

    Bowzons Easy, it's really hard for them to stack resists without the use of a shield. FOH will be a one-hit kill, but their annoying D/A/E will dodge it a couple of times. If this annoys you then charge into their face and start smiting. You win either way. If you want to really piss them off, flash Holy Freeze.

    CS Zon's Easy, equip T-god's and a few wisps and go for the kill. Be aware that if you don't stack, they can kill you in a couple of hits. Flash holy freeze if you want.

    BvC This will be a hard duel. Make sure you are walking to get the full of your block.The skilled ones will clip you and your smiting range will be very short with a PB. You might not even be able to hit them. FOH at them a couple of times, and then charge next to them and smite away. Hope for the best.

    Bone Necro These will be next to impossible without Teleport, and even with Enigma, they will be very hard. If you decide to FOH them, make sure you target the Necro specifically, otherwise his golem will eat the hits. When he stacks resists, play defensive for a while. When he gets close, kill his golem with FOH, switch to your smiting weapons, charge/tele next to him and smite.

    Poison Necro These should be pretty easy, avoid the nova. FoH makes short work of them. If they stack, then tele onto them. Their nova won't be able to hit you. Smite away.

    Wind Druid These are hard. Their cyclone armor makes your foh useless. The good ones will summon five wolves to make use of minion stack. Load up on DR and telesmite them.

    Hammerdin The crappy ones (large portion of bnet) are really easy. FoH them. Wait for them to tele on top of you. When they start entering your screen, switch to your Grief and wait. When they tele on top of you, smite them to death. The good ones will be a lot harder, but honestly I've yet to meet a good one. Good luck if you do find one. I recommend you use the Grief foh, as the time it takes you to switch will be enough for them to cast two hammers and you are dead.

    Smiter These take good reflexes. Against a very aggressive smiter, you'll only have enough time to get one FoH in. If he doesn't stack, it should take out a fair portion of his health. Switch to smite and finish him off. Feel free to flash holy freeze if you want.

    Templar These are easy, slap on your t-gods, a wisp or two, and your four topazed shield. Their conviction will override yours, unfortunately. Anyway, sorb them and then go for the kill with charge and smite.

    V/T These are a mirror image of yourself, however their skill distribution may be different. Absorb, but don't overdo it. If your conviction happens to be higher, then you're golden.

    Trapper These are usually easy pickings for FOH, but when you meet a good one you'll have to resort to smite. You will need good FHR as they usually spam mind blast. Desynch around and then charge into them for the kill. If they give you trouble, you can go for absorb.

    WW Sins These also resort to annoying mind blasts. Some of them have one point traps to stun. Definitely a hard duel. Force them to stack res. Shift smiting is a good measure against MB, since smite cannot be interrupted. When they Dflight on top of you, smite them.

    WW/Trap hybrid These are even harder. Their build is the same principle as yours. Traps are to force people to sorb while WW is the backup skill. Sorb them, but don't overdo it. T-gods and a wisp is generally enough, or two wisps and keep verdungo's.

    Sorcs All sorcs are the same, just absorb them and dodge their skill. ES sorcs can tank your FOH's, so try and smite them. The 200 FCR sorcs are easy kills because you can't have 200 FCR and good resists at the same time.

    Credits I would like to thank everyone, particularly kingdryland, Pravda and Asmodeus. There, didn't miss anyone, did I?

    Welcome to constructive criticism.
  2. Jednowlosy

    Jednowlosy IncGamers Member

    Aug 13, 2007
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    Re: UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

    A very interesting guide. I like one-man-army chars that can do it all. I may try this one in future.

    Btw, when it comes to PvM, it must be extremely tedious to pick those witches in lvl2 worldstone keep with the slow FoH spell 8) Although you can at least FoH all the oblivions away before they ironmaiden you. Something Zealots or dreamers can only, well, dream about :)
  3. sweetalmonds

    sweetalmonds IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2007
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    Re: UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

    Yeah I like most of it except the parts in pvp strategy where you suggest more than gm sorb vs elemental characters. Also last wish is good for ubers as well as prebuffing fade. There's also few more pvp tactics not based on skill...
  4. DjSlayer

    DjSlayer IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Re: UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

    1. You'll have a hard time stacking since you need a inventory full of Paladin combats with life or FHR (48% FHR is needed)

    2. IK gloves is a nice option, 40 stat points=120 hp or crafted gloves (perhaps with dual res and stats, if you are using phase grief ias is not a problem).

    3. Crafted paladin amulet with stats, life and res>maras.

    4. you can't use more than one whisp, the other ring has to be raven for CBF other one is either wisp for abs, or bk for life and battle orders.

    5. your fhr will suck if you rely on it from boots and belt alone, i would go for waterwalks (15 dex and 65 hp). or a pair of tri res boots for stack. Hots in stash (do remember to stat with the hots and not any other boots). IMO Sandstorm treks are one of the worst options. +to vita don't get bonuses from BO and strength is kind of out of the question with enigma (the only armor for pvp on a v/t).

    6. If you do pvp the cost of an Um rune is minor, use Um HoZ.

    7. And finally (for now). V/T and T/V are different.

    - D.J.
  5. Arutha

    Arutha IncGamers Member

    May 20, 2004
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    Re: UberB's PvP/PvM/Ubers V/T Guide for 1.11b

    You might also want to mention that a grief berserker axe has a higher range, I know you mentioned that you don't run into many BvC's on your realm, but when you duel a ww barb you are going to want that extra range from a zerker. They are slower than pb's but if you get a 40%ias grief zerker then you only need 10% more ias, which just so happens to be the %ias found on bloodfist which I would recommend using anyways as they help hit that 86% fhr breakpoint and have that nice +life.


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