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I have been playing Diablo for years then I have quite, I just relized how stupid Iwas for quiting so I am starting agian, I am looking for a guide so i can be a PvP, PvM, and Uber, killer if possable, if not I want to be an Uber killer. Help is appreciated,

Note:This is my first post:thumbsup:


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Ubber is beyond easy. 1 point into Smite, stack resist in Hell so that you'll have 50+ Resist after Meph's aura, slap on some junks with CB, and grab a LT wand.

If you are on a budget, check out this one.


Change the setup to your liking (but make sure you end up with a decent CB and stacked resist). If you are going to do PvP, smiter is the way to go. (I love zealots, but it's hard for a zealot to survive in PvP nowaday) Neither a smiter or a zealot can PvM more efficiently than a Hammerdin. But if you have to choose between a zealot and a smiter for PvM, then go with Zealot.


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i agree ubers are easy. life tap + crushing blow + resists = torch

stonecrusher+skin of vipermagi+guillames+goblin toes+shield i got from anya+ draculs grasp + dwarfstar + ravenfrost + highlords wrath + ik belt and a lifetap wand . this was build i first soloed the ubers with. but to hunt keys you really should get a hammerdin built. or a decent sorc.