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Hello again, i am a long time single player user for many years i have found the special keys in Hell, especially from the Countess. I have known via the internet that these are useless in single player, but i have heard rumors that there may be a way to access the ubers in single. Does anybody know if this is true and if so how is it done, i use version 1.14 by the way. Thanks!


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There are ways to enable the Pandemonium Event in single-player, however they are not allowed to be used in the SPF.

Also, as far as I know, Uber Tristram in those modes is by far not a 1:1 copy of the legit battle-net one.


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I know four different mods that add the ladder quests into single player. Three of them do not accurately implement the ubers/minion spawning. The last one comes close but the author never released it. These addons cannot be discussed in the SPF, so YouTube will be your friend. None of them work with 1.14 as of yet, so you'll have to downgrade if you plan on using one.

The ladder quests are a big subject of controversy around here; partly due to inaccuracies but mostly because of unwanted game changes. There has been a fair amount of debate on this subject, so the stance on the use of such an addon could change in the future. That is however, if a good implementation is created, or, Blizzard finally crawls out from under a rock and does what they should have more then a decade ago ;)


It's actually not a blanket ban, as long as the player is extremely careful to not cross contaminate. From the SPF rules:

If you wish to use those mods and continue MP/trade in the SP(T)F you should:

  • Completely back up their characters and stashes
  • Install the mod
  • Kill the ubers/dclone
  • Delete the affected character/stashes
  • Uninstall the mods
  • Restore to the back-ups (pre-mod)
  • Ensure no items/experience has been gained.

Unless you're really tidy about that sort of thing, it is best NOT to use the mods."
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