uber trist summoner


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uber trist summoner

im changing my mf din to a mf summon necro for a fresh change and i think ive seen a video of a necro soling uber trist

i wont be spending too much on this necro the gear will prob be like this
3summoning amulet
weapon dont have yet
tals belt
war travs
2 nagels

with a normal build but im thinking of using remainder points in summon resist for ubers

does anyone know wat build is necessary to solo ubertrist with a summoner

i mite transfer some gear over when i uber like replacing tals belt with arrach, rings with bk and trangs gloves


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you wont need maxed summon res ...mainly you just need CB revives and a good merc....try searching for foosoft's posts..he has his build there i think....

but for normal mfing that is sufficient...and safe


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A CTA on switch is also very nice to have, the 60%+ bonus to life is very welcome against the ubers. Id go with magefist for the gloves (for the mana regeneration and the +1 to fire) and switch out your tals belt for arachnids. As you said, those 2 nagels need to be switch out for either bks or sojs, bks giveing a bonus to life which is always nice. Id also switch out travs for marrows if onyl for the slight boost your revives and skeles will get from it. As for the type of build necessary, I would think that you would have to go with a mage, gumby, skele, revive combo, without strong mages they will all die, leaving you without a source of poison or cold. The build would look like this.
20 skele
20 skele mast
20 mage
1 into every curse you want (i only get amp and the 3 on the right hand side)
1 into gumby, goem mast, and blood and iron for preq
1 into summon resist (your +skills should raise it to nice lvls, if you dont have good +skills, then dont try uber trist)
1 into teeth for preq
1-20 into corpse explosion (your choice)
This build is optimum for ubers.
And yes i know that other summoner builds can take out ubers as well,m im simple saying that i beleive that this build stands out.:wink: