Uber smite gear, skills, stats


Uber smite gear, skills, stats

I am going to do a uber smiter pala and have some wonders about gear, skills, stats.

Gface 35%cb
Grief pb
Chance of Honor
Eth zaka or eth exile
Dracul's grasp
T gods
Raven 20dex
Ring 2 ???
Gores 15%cb

Should I go for eth zaka or eth exile? If I go for exile I dont need dracul's and can have LOH instead. (350 e dmg, 20 ias)
What ring more than raven should I got. One more raven and get more dex or bk?

I only get 50 cb with these items. Is that enough or do I need more?

str: enough for gear.
dex: max block
vit: everything else
ene: nothing

Smite - 20
Fana - 20
Holy shield - 20
Defianse - 20

What should I do when I have maxed all these?
Can anyone say if this is a good uber build? If not, help me.

/ty perihagen


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go for eth zaka, keep the draculs and dont use loh's since with that grief pb you dont need any ias on equip add to that the ed vs demons doesnt work on smite
as a second ring i'm using a ml/str/life/res ring since i dont like running around without ml

only 50cb is more than enough, its what i got and i cant complain :D

about the skills....the main build people use is 1 point smite, max zeal, max sacrifice, max holy and max fan and it works fine ^^
with the max zeal you can zeal for a quick life tap recast or quick refill of mana (if you got ml ring that is) and when i do that it usually kills half of the minions around me :grin:

ps :
isnt it chains of honor?


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Chains of Honor over Foritude? I have 78 res all in hell with:

LW / Grief PB's (depending on situation)
Rare Mana Leech


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i prefer my +119 all res shield :D
and that wasnt really the question, i know how to get max res without problems i just dont think rukz has max res vs mephi unless he switches to salvation or has a load of res charms....and i consider both a waste


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enhanced dmg on your equip works on smite yes, just not the ed from weapon
enhanced dmg vs demons doesnt
enhanced dmg vs undead doesnt (but hasnt been proven yet i think)

since i just got tempbanned again (stupid ****ing bnet) i'll test that right now

test complete, even with 5k ed to undead there was no difference, only pure ed on your equip works (not on weapon)


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hmm thought it was -85 conviction aura, ive yet to fight the ubers, i might switch my fort up for chains, but I like the ED of fort and if using LW to the life tap chance and level is pretty high so i heard u can tank even with bad res.. but we'll wait and see


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hehe, i also thought it was -85...untill i faced mephi and noticed how i got raped by all the elemental dmg and yeah, with life tap you can tank with bad res but if you got bad res and your life tap doesnt cast fast enough you plainly die (i've seen it happen several times)


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This guide here (the most discussed guide on this site btw) should be the end all of the uber smiter discussion... Which is getting pretty boring.

Edit: And if you are wondering... yes, you can simply max Smite and not go the Zeal route...


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its personal preference.

hoz is cheaper than exile

you get +skills massive res and all around good stats. if you need more res put an um or pdiamond in it and it is all good.

Or find a %ed /ias jewel and put it in or something.

life tap you can get from other things. defense on hoz is good.

for freezes target that is what a act 2 holy freeze merc is good for.

it is personal preference.


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Upped zaka, if you insist on getting every ounce of damage, but it doesn't matter anyways. Grief will provide more than the damage you need.


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HoZ is a great shield, all my Pallys use them however, you are missing the main reason why Exile is so important. It offers a chance to cast life tap in addition to that on the Drac's. It also gives you a Defiance aura which increases your defense to godly levels while still being able to maintain the Fanatism aura. It's normal to achieve 25,000 defense when equiping Exile and pre-buffing Holy Shield.
I have 2 Uber Pally's, one with Grief/Fortitude and other with Last Wish/Chains of Honor. Both use Exile and both use HoZ on switch predominantly to pre-buff the Holy Shield. Use a good +skills weapon on switch as well to get as high a level Holy Shield as you can (eg... Heaven's Light, Astreon's Iron Ward, the Redeemer, just to name a few).

I'm not sure I buy the above arguments on why to use HoZ over Exile.
Cost: On ladder HoZ is about the same price as Exile. Not sure about NL.
Defence: A HoZ can come nowhere near the defence of an exile. Exile provides more defense than you see on the shield due to the defiance aura.
Plus Skills: Simple...you don't need them. The Uber Pally uses Plus Damage gear to accomplish his killing prowess. Other classes like Sorc's, Nec's and the like need extra skills to do more damage. Pally does not.
Resists: Exile made in a good high res pally shield offers resists very comparible to HoZ. Sure you can Um HoZ and not Exile however, resists are easy to make up with charms and the like.
Damage: An upped HoZ will do the same damage as an Exile made in a Zakarum Shield. In fact all of the elite pally shields do roughly the same average damage. Only difference is the plus skills on HoZ which will increase your smite damage slightly however, as explained is above, you really don't need the extra smite damage.


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How is it possible to get a 119 res shield??

i prefer my +119 all res shield :D
and that wasnt really the question, i know how to get max res without problems i just dont think rukz has max res vs mephi unless he switches to salvation or has a load of res charms....and i consider both a waste
I thought max base res on shield was 45 and max res with best res runeword (sanctuary) was 70 = total 115???

How do u get 119??



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43 base res shield + 4 pd's :grin: (best i could since i didnt feel using a mal just to beatup uber mephi)