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Uber/PvM Monk Questions

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by wham, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. wham

    wham IncGamers Member

    Aug 17, 2006
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    Uber/PvM Monk Questions

    I read the guide by Janus and started building my assassin as described in the guide but as I went through the latter pages, it seems that everyone's (incl. the author's) opinion changes but these changes weren't reflected in the guide at all. So now I'm a bit confused as to how this sin should be built or if I need to rebuild it.

    - The guide says to leave dex at base and later on Janus (and many others) say to max block. If I can max block with an SS, is Phoenix still the end shield to aim for?
    If so, does that mean I should still try to max block while holding a Phoenix (which I think will take much more dex), leave dex at base, or have enough dex to max block with SS only?
    I currently have around 156 str with Guillaume's and no SS so I'm not sure if I've put too much str in already.

    - Last wish and Death are listed as the top 2 weapons in the guide but the latter pages suggest using a Stormlash (Jah) or Fleshripper (Shael) instead. Any runewords I make will be in a zerker (I have a barb as well that I'd like to share with) so what is the weapon to aim for?
    No one has said anything about Death as a wpn. Is it viable? If I use Last Wish, I can't use BoS so I'll be kicking slowly, no?

    - I run Ubers with a fanat zealer so my atk speed for that isn't as much of a worry but with base dex, I find it very difficult to get high AR and hit the breakpoints in normal PvM (Nith, cow, pit runs, rushes).
    My equipment is:
    Helm: Guillaume's
    Armor: Fort
    Shield: Tiamat's for now...hoping for my first question to answer this part
    Weapon: Eth Demon Limb...hoping for second question to answer this
    Belt: String
    Gloves: Trangs (Dracs for bosses)
    Boots: Will end up using up'd Gores
    Jewelry: Angelic Combo and Ravenfrost

    My AR with DTalon is around 10k but I have no IAS so my kicks are very slow.

    Str: 156 with Guillaume's
    Dex: base
    Vit: 150 with items
    Nrg: base
    (Around 150+ points left)

    Please help me find out what I'm doing wrong! I could barely kill Hell Radament at level 80.
  2. Warpope

    Warpope IncGamers Member

    Sep 14, 2006
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    I had a noob fana smiter for ubers using: Treachery, draculs, alma negra (zaka is more dmg), black (=rw in flail) guillaume, verdungo's!!! (not a string),

    go for max block

    as second weapon I had a wand with life tap charges comes in handy (just do some akara runs)

    = cheap paladin smiter but it can take ubers (with a friend (hammerdin or good pvm) for teleport or you can just use enigma)

    Hope this helps, i think it's better then ur zealer...
  3. Silent Shaddow

    Silent Shaddow IncGamers Member

    May 19, 2006
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    i have a trap/kicker hybrid and i have run ubers with a paly friend several times with great success
    ok, several things...
    @ weapon, personally i wouldnt want 2 waste 6hrs on a last wish for a kicker, for me the mods are all wrong.
    in terms of a weapon i would recommend black flail of the ubers (with jade talon/silence r/w for mephi). If you are looking to spend alot of hrs then i would recommend a doom ba, the HF is nice, freeze target, and the +2 skills means that i dont really which to lay traps. But in terms of non Black flail i would go with death, although this s simply for the ctc glacial spike and cb, other mods are mostly irrelevnt.

    i would go with max block for ss and maybe phoenix,
    this means

    Dex Required = {[(75 x (Level x 2)] / Shield's Block %} +15

    therefore u will need 222 dex in total for max blocking with phoenix at the eariliest point it becomes availble which is lvl 65 the trade off here is obvoius and really depends on how you are doing for str and vita. for storm shield its 167 at lvl 73,

    i would recommend
    Helm: Guillaume's -good
    Armor: Fort -good
    Shield: Storm
    Weapon: Black flail
    switch: Cta/demon limb/jade talon/silence rw/spirit for res/prebuff
    Belt: String or that set belt with res on it (cant remember)
    Gloves:Dracs i would use dracks anyways,
    Boots:up'd Gores
    Jewelry: Ravenfrost + res ring i use a carroin wind here

    10k ar is fine, how come your kicks are slow? do you use BoS or fade? you will need to look up how much IAS you need, the tables are under 'IAS tables' stickied.
    thats all i can think of for the moment.
  4. wham

    wham IncGamers Member

    Aug 17, 2006
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    I didn't realize that I wrote it this way but I meant I run Ubers with a friend who's a fanat zealer so I can leech his fanat with this assassin I'm making. :)

    I guess my kicks aren't necessarily slow but with no IAS I'm probably far from the 8/3 or even 7/3 breakpoints. I wouldn't be surprised if I was going at 10/5 or something like that.
    Thanks for the tips though and pls keep them coming!

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